Another Thyroid Supplement Scam: Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on These Pills.

Another Thyroid Supplement Scam: Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on These Pills.

Another Thyroid Supplement Scam: Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on These Pills.

Another Thyroid Supplement Scam: Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on These Pills.

Highlighted areas in this article are my comments about the unfounded claims by this physician.

Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU

Clinical Thyroidologist/Endocrinologist


California Company Launches Natural Support For Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health Club in Los Angeles, California, recently released information regarding medically approved methods

( What methods? FDA did not approve any thyroid supplements)

for improving thyroid health, particularly for patients who currently suffer from serious thyroid disease. The company states that a more natural approach to thyroid health is a better alternative to surgeries and prescription or over the counter medications.

What is better than the thyroid hormone to treat hypothyroidism? not Dr. Obada Yousif’s, supplements!

“Natural treatments are always better,” says Dr. Obada Yousif, endocrinologist and founder of Thyroid Health Club. “You want to take every step possible to ensure your overall health and wellness, and study after study has shown that natural treatments are often the best way to cure most ailments.”

No one was ever cured of hypothyroidism.Only treatment with thyroid hormone treats but not cures

Yousif states that a natural supplement for thyroid health is often recommended by physicians

Thyroid experts do not recommend supplements as treatment

for patients with an underactive thyroid. After treating thyroid conditions for more than 25 years, Yousif developed a natural thyroid supplement that contains ingredients designed specifically to help patients manage their underactive thyroid. He states that this supplement is a combination of healthy herbs, minerals, and amino acids, all of which have been shown to enhance natural thyroid health and function.

There is no proof to this enhancement of thyroid function claim.

“Our supplement is all natural, which is a treatment that is recommended by many doctors,”

The doctors are pushing supplements even though there is no research or FDA approval of them

Yousif says. “Physicians always want the best for their patients and natural is often the way to go. Many doctors recommend that their patients take a thyroid supplement regularly that contains certain ingredients that promote healthier thyroid function.”

Yousif states that the company’s thyroid support supplements are the result of many years of research into healthier ways to promote normal thyroid function. He points out that the supplements can help to manage underactivity in the thyroid through the specially chosen herb blend that they contain.

Wow What a tall tail about his magic herbs.

Thyroid Health Club explains that their iodine supplement offers the most natural way to treat hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid conditions.

Warning: Do not listen to this as iodine in supplements can be dangerous for patients with goiter,hypothyroidism due Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in the USA.

Yousif states that it took years of developing the supplement to ensure that it did indeed offer the health benefits that they wanted, and states that all of the ingredients are derived from natural sources, which offers a healthier approach to managing thyroid disease than many other treatment options. More on the supplement and its benefits can be seen on the company’s website.

Do not bother to go to his website as there is more untruths there.Save time and money and forget about another supplement scam to take hard earned dollars out of your pocket.


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