Few Patients Complain About T4 Only Therapy

Few Patients Complain About T4 Only Therapy

Very Few Patients Complain About T4 Only Therapy


Those few make noise on the web on alternative websites pushing animal (pig) thyroid,T3 (cytomel) and combo T4/T3.


What do we know in 2017.

  1. 99% of my a patients are on T4 only and are doing well. I have none on pig thyroid,combo therapy, and none on T3.
  2. I have several on another brand due to dye problems, and none on the liquid get cap just FDA approved,.
  3. T4 is the gold standard for treatment now.
  4. Task force from ATA found no evidence for the addition of of T3 to T4 for treatment.
  5. Feeling less than 100% on T4 is not a reason to add T3.
  6. It is experimental only to use T4/T3 combo to research if it will have a place in treatment in the future.
  7. All endocrine societies do not recommend T4/T3 combo treatment for hypothyroidism.
  8. Too much T3 is in the pig thyroid.Avoid this when suggested by alternative type physicians.
  9. Too many patients are at risk for heart and bone damage from the use of T4/T3 combos without any scientific evidence.
  10. There are no studies with steady state T3 levels all day.These are needed to prove combos are effective.
  11. T3 pulses result in high levels for part of the day stimulating the heart, similar to the old Armour extract with high T3 amounts in the pig thyroid ( 4 to 1 ).


  1. The ratio of T4 to T3 is 14 to 1. No present method mimics this ratio and the one study found no difference.
  2. Some so called experts on the web tell patients to base their treatment on their own preferences.
  3. T3 or taking too much T4 can make you less depressed and feel better but it is an overdose with the down side of heart and other complications.
  4. Elderly should avoid T3 as it is fast acting and can hit the heart and bones. Atrial fibrillation, and osteoporosis.
  5. Pregnant should not take pig thyroid or T4/T3 combo or T3 alone. The fetus runs on T4. The mothers on combo may be causing their baby inadequate neurologic development.
  6. Clinton is an example of what not to do.Why is this old lady on pig thyroid?
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  9. The myth is in one day on T3 they are now perfect.This is not possible, as it takes a while for a thyroid dose change to work.
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  11. Avoid Any website,book or diet plan by pseudo-thyroid expert Mary Shomon as she pushes use of whatever makes you feel good even if it is bad or unproven by science.
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  13. This is what kind of stuff you will find on her websites and books.
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