Hypothyroidism 101: Risk Factors

Hypothyroidism 101: Risk Factors

Hypothyroidism 101: Risk Factors

5 factors that put you at risk for hypothyroidism

Dr.Guttler’s comments:

1. Certain factors can up your chances for hypothyroidism.

2. If you experience symptoms (tired, grumpy, overweight) and any of the below hypothyroidism risk factors apply get testing of your TSH, FT4 and Antibodies.

3. A family history


Having a first-degree female relative (mother, sister, daughter) with a thyroid disorder increases your risk of developing one.

3. Hashimoto’s disease

Hypothyroidism is frequently triggered by this autoimmune disorder, which causes the body to  attack the thyroid.



4. Other Autoimmune diseases.Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and coeliac disease slightly raise your odds for Hashimoto’s and therefore hypothyroidism. Why? Having one autoimmune disorder increases your risk of developing another one.

4. Radiation The radiation used to treat Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma or head and neck cancers can destroy the thyroid.


5. Bipolar disorder ???


Researchers are still studying this link, but anti-thyroid antibodies are found more often in individuals with bipolar disorder. One theory: Lithium, a medication used to treat the mental-health issue, may interfere with thyroid hormone production.




  • Jessica Parker January 23, 2019 12:00 pm

    I had these exact symptoms and found out a few months ago that I am iodine deficient. I have been taking iodine supplements from a company called Cedar Bear and have been feeling a huge difference in my energy levels and metabolism! (https://www.cedarbear.com)

    • Dr Guttler February 5, 2019 8:49 am

      USA does not have iodine def.
      Unless you are pregnant you do not need iodine supplements.
      They can cause worsening of any thyroid all thyroid conditions.
      If you have no thyroid diseases then you are just wasting your money as the excess iodine is
      passed out your urine.
      Read my blogs on iodine supplements.

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