2. To define whether initial intensive multimodal therapy combining surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation might be associated with improved ATC survival.
3. Patients: Forty-eight; 18 palliative intention, 30 multimodal therapy (60% male; median age, 62 years). Two, 27, and 18 patients had AJCC stage IVA, IVB, and IVC ATC respectively; median follow-up, 20 months.
4. Multimodal vs. palliative intention therapy.
5. Overall and progression free survival (OS, PFS from ATC diagnosis) Kaplan-Meier method.
6. Median overall survival was 21 months (range 5.8-44) compared to 3.9 (range 2.7-5.3) months.
7. Conclusions: Multimodal therapy appears to convey longer survival in ATC among stage IVA/B.