Cell Phone Radiation Linked to DNA Damage and Thyroid Cancer

Cell Phone Radiation Linked to DNA Damage and Thyroid Cancer

Cell Phone Radiation Linked to DNA Damage and Thyroid Cancer

Cell phone use is out of control. It is used all day and is by your bed when you sleep.

Instead of keeping it on all the time and near your body, switch it to airplane mode and leave it in another room while you sleep.Here are a few more tips.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tips

The most effective method of protection from cell phone radiation is complete avoidance. You might not be ready for that, so you can also try practicing these precautionary steps in your daily routine:

Limit cell phone calls to those that are absolutely necessary
Avoid making or receiving calls in places with bad reception
Put your phone on airplane mode when you are not using its wireless functions
Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pocket or anywhere on your body when it’s switched on
Use earphones, preferably an airtube headset, so you won’t have to put your cell phone close to your head (Note: Do NOT a Bluetooth headset which also emits radiation)
Do not take your cell phone into your bedroom at night. If you must, keep it in airplane mode and as far from your head as possible

Choose to text instead of calling whenever possible
If a long conversation is in place, opt to meet the person directly or call on a land line

Cell Phone Radiation and DNA

One of the biggest misunderstandings about radiation from cell phones is that it cannot damage DNA. Wrong! There are many studies linking cell phone radiation exposures to different types of DNA damage.

In a landmark study carried out by Professor Lai at the University of Washington in the mid 1990s, it was established that RF radiation exposures can cause DNA single strand breaks. Subsequent studies have found single and double-strand DNA breaks.

Then there are the studies on the micronuclei. A Brazilian study found that mobile phone radiation type exposures“during pregnancy leads to an increase in erythrocytes micronuclei incidence in rat offspring.” Several other studies have found increased rates of micronuclei in the body following exposures to radio frequency (RF) radiation. This is important because micronuclei proliferation indicates a type of DNA damage strongly associated with cancer.

Given the hundreds of studies that have been carried out on this question, clearly there is no doubt that cell phone radiation can alter the genetic material of our cells. This is significant because one way cancer and other diseases are believed to develop is when the DNA in a cell becomes damaged

  • Kim Sherwood June 5, 2018 8:09 am

    I have been exposed to cell phones
    Since they where made in fact I use to sell them in my 30’s I’m now 59
    And have a mass on my thyroid which will be removed on the right side. I have had 2 surgeries for mastoiditis On my left ear and have had lymph nodes Removed. Yes I know cell phones are dangerous and with the 5g out it really frightens me. I feel that we need to do more for our future generations.

    • Dr Guttler June 5, 2018 5:50 pm

      Don’t to that without an outside second opinion.
      There is good evidence that a second opinion can change the diagnosis and save you a surgery.

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