Dr.Guttler in Pictures: 2017

Dr.Guttler in Pictures: 2017

Dr.Guttler in Pictures: 2017

This little vial of ethanol has been used to treat many patients with benign complex cystic nodules and saved the patients a hospital stay, thyroid surgery, post op recovery, lost work, and the expense and complications associated with that surgery.


She had trouble swallowing with this nodule which was also ugly to her eye. PEI made symptoms and cosmetic problem disappear.


This is why a second biopsy is needed to find the papillary ca on the wall of the cyst before you have PEI. Surgery is the main therapy for cystic papillary cancer.



RFA system for treating thyroid nodules. It looks dangerous but it is proven safe and effective at ablating benign thyroid nodules and cancer lymph nodes.


RFA hot tip is very small and is moved around in the nodule to ablate it.


Post RFA the ultrasound shows the black area of ablation.


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