Master’s Classes in Clinical Thyroidology and Interventional Procedures

Master’s Classes in Clinical Thyroidology and Interventional Procedures

Master’s Classes in Clinical Thyroidology and Interventional Procedures


Master’s classes begun by Dr.Jack Baskin in the 90’s is continued here in 2017.I was one of his first students learning ultrasound intervention with ethanol for cysts.

By popular demand I have restarted my personal one on one classes for endocrinologists interested in a thyroid practice without Diabetes.


Dr.Richard Guttler:  43 years in private thyroidology practice.



Matt is my sonographer assistant during the program.


Basic Training for thyroidologists. US,Needle placement,needle biopsy,slide making, On-site eROSE adequacy assessment, microscope 101.


Biopsy tray set for molecular marker needle washouts.


Learn basic thyroid cytology for endocrinologists from Dr.Guttler


eROSE adequacy assessment by endocrinologist.


Pap Smear of papillary cancer with swirl pattern. Learn basic patterns for benign and cancer thyroid cytology.


Learn how to do a gentile parathyroid biopsy when needed to sort out thyroid or parathyroid mass by needle washout for parathyroid PTH, thyroglobulin TG.


Ethanol ablation practice for cancer lymph nodes on models.

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Ethanol Ablation training program for thyroid and parathyroid cysts.


Learn what cysts are not candidates for ethanol ablation.

Papillary thyroid cancer is a leading cause of cyst formation. Acute angle of solid mass seen on this image is worrisome for cancer.



Parathyroid cyst before and after ethanol ablation destroyed it!

Radiofrequency Ablation learning module with Pre-RFA evaluation and direct Referral program to Europe or Korea for overnight treatment and return to the USA.


image06 rfa-probe-in-nodule

RFA Probe with 10 mm hot tip in nodule with “moving shot” technique the nodule is ablated.


Nodule before and one day post RFA checked for completeness of Ablation before returning to the USA.

  • rfa-before-and-after
  • Learn about other ablation procedures just now coming to the USA from Europe including HIFU  (High Intensity focused ultrasound) seen below, and Microwave Ablation MWA.
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  • Interested endocrinologists call Matt for details of this 3-5 day course.
  • 310-393-8860.




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