Santa Monica Thyroid Tumor Ablation Brochure

Santa Monica Thyroid Tumor Ablation Brochure

Santa Monica Thyroid  Tumor Ablation Brochure

Santa Monica Thyroid Tumor Ablation Brochure

Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation RFA is a Major Advance

Thyroid RFA is not available in the USA today but will be soon.Until then to avoid a surgery that could be complicated, SMTC’s Dr.Guttler is offering a chance to have thyroid RFA now. The evaluation and referral system is a sure way to avoid surgery, and a scar. Also the fees are less than 10% of the surgery bill. The complications are minor and less than surgery. There is little chance of needing thyroid hormone after thyroid RFA while 30% of surgery patients need it.

After my evaluation finds you to be a candidate for thyroid RFA, I will arrange a trip to either Seoul Korea or Reggio Emillia Italy for a 2 day visit. Professor Baek in Seoul and Valcavi in Italy will accept my complete evaluation so there is no need for further time consuming re-evaluation. Thyroid RFA one day. Exit ultrasound day 2 and then fly home. I will do the followup. Call Matt at 310-393-8860 or email for details

Ethanol Thyroid Cyst Ablation PEI Treatment

Ethanol ablation PEI is done at Santa Monica Thyroid Center for thyroid and parathyroid cysts, local recurrent cancer lymph nodes and as alternative to surgery or active surveillance for primary micro-papillary thyroid cancer. This procedure saves the patient from hospitalization for thyroid surgery. It is safe less expensive and is done as an outpatient. Each PEI saves about $ 35-50,000 surgery bill.

Master’s classes in Clincal thyroidology and ethanol and RFA ablation.


One on one Master’s classes in clinical thyroidology. It includes Ultrasound, FNA, Needle placement, slide making molecular markers and thyroid cytology for endocrinologists. Thyroid practice tips. Interventional procedures ethanol ablation PEI, and Radiofrequency ablation RFA. Includes actual Cyst and cancer lymph node treatments,lectures on PEI and RFA and extensive time in workshops doing work on models, ACeNeedleME torso, bovine liver with “beef” nodules to actually do RFA ablation practice. 3-5 day courses only. References on the website.


LOR on recent thyroid Ablation 5 day Master’s class

“I attended Dr. Guttler’s Master Class as someone who has been interested in thyroidology since medical school. Dr. Guttler’s master’s class was instrumental in my learning of advanced noninvasive thyroid interventional techniques.” “During the 5-day course, we reviewed and practiced percutaneous ethanol ablation for thyroid cysts and recurrent thyroid cancer lymph nodes and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for thyroid nodules. Dr.Guttler uses a wide array of real-time patient encounters, follow-up patient visits to assess the impact of therapy, various modeling techniques, simulation labs, high-level videos, and tutorial sessions geared toward learning these non-invasive techniques.” “Since attending the course, I have been able to successfully integrate these advanced practices into my own clinical thyroid practice. I highly recommend Dr. Guttler and his Masters Course to anyone wanting to become an expert in thyroid clinic practice. “

Brittany Henderson MD,ECNU ( Future Interventional Thyroid Tumor Specialist) Email her to hear more about the experience <>;

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