Thyroid Cancer Molecular Markers in a Blood Sample

Thyroid Cancer Molecular Markers in a Blood Sample

Thyroid Cancer Molecular Markers in a Blood Sample

Future of “Liquid Biopsy” for Thyroid Cancer

 In future prospects of thyroid cancer, markers can be used to detect circulating tumor cells or cell-free plasma DNA to identify early relapse and/or residual disease. Previous studies reported presence of circulating tumor cells or cell-free plasma DNA in thyroid cancer patients   In thyroid cancer, BRAF V600E is the most common and the earliest genetic event in PTC and it appears to be a good candidate gene for monitoring. Also, during radioactive iodine and/or drug treatment of thyroid cancer, new mutation variants other than primary tumor can be recognized in marker analysis of either circulating tumor cells or cell-free plasma DNA.  Currently available studies of  marker application in thyroid cancer tend to focus on evaluating genetic alterations in specific types of thyroid cancer.

. The use of  markers to study thyroid cancer has improved our understanding of the molecular genetics of thyroid cancer. In thyroid nodules of indeterminate cytology, such as FN/SFN and AUS/FLUS, the marker test detected multiple genetic alterations and identified patients with a high risk of malignancy. Nevertheless, development of new sequencing technologies, such as markers enhances the cancer genome body of knowledge, and allows for more effective cancer screening, prevention, diagnosis, and monitoring. This in turn provides for better precision medicine and more curative cancer treatments.


Santa Monica Thyroid Center with a genomic lab is studying “liquid biopsies” for thyroid cancer.Markers in the blood obtained during 150 nodule biopsies. The future clinical  method to diagnose thyroid cancer in 5 years without a biopsy. We are looking fior patients who need a thyroid biopsy to allow us to  collect a single small tube of blood for our research study on liquid biopsy. You must not have any prior cancer history to volunteer.

Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU

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