Thyroid RFA Workshop Teaching Methods 101: New gelatin model for ablation practice.

Thyroid RFA Workshop Teaching Methods 101: New gelatin model for ablation practice.

Thyroid RFA Workshop Teaching Methods 101:  New gelatin model for ablation practice.

Thyroid RFA Workshop Teaching Methods

I preparation to the FDA approval of thyroid RFA ablation system in the USA, a thyroid RFA workshop is available to interested

endocrinologists with ECNU certification and doing their own FNA biopsies in their office. RFA work requires skill at FNA as an introduction.

Initial clinical trials will use some of these high volume FNA, ECNU endocrinologists.

The present available teaching methods include

  1. Simulated Thyroid gland capsule Lidocaine injection instead of conscience sedation.
  2. img_0491
  3. Actual thyroid gland capsule Lidocaine injection
  4. kjr-18-615-g002-l
  5. Simulated Hydro-dissection to move danger structures away from target nodules. “Dextrose Avoidance method”
  6. img_0482img_0485
  7. Actual Dextrose infusion moving the danger away from the target nodule.
  8. img_1423
  9. Simulated ablation of heat draining arterioles. Simulation model pending.
  10. Actual ablation of the heat sinking arteriole.
  11. img_1428
  12. New RFA ablation gelatin model.

Replacing  bovine liver with superconcentrated gelatin as invented by Dr. Dev Abraham for teaching ultrasound guided biopsy had to be modified to allow actual simulated ablation of beef nodules inserted into the gelatin.

The first image is showing the beef glued to the bottom before the dye was added to obscure the location of the nodules.


The test RFA ablation of two beef nodules shown on top of the

model after the gelatin was dyed black.


Future new devices and techniques.

  1. Bipolar electrode for pregnancy and pacemaker patients.
  2. rf_draw_tech_bp4
  3. imagespregnancy-can-trigger-hashis-copy
  4. Needle tracker of the tip for teaching new operators.
  5. img_1420
  6. One half hot tip for work near danger structures and ti complete ablation.
  7. kjr-18-615-g001

The Santa Monica Thyroid Center’s Dr.Guttler with the help of Matthew Foss offer

one of the only local Thyroid RFA teaching course in the USA.  Advanced training for future thyroid RFA Clinical trials is the main purpose of this Master’s class in ablation methods including ethanol PEI and thyroid RFA. DR.Brittany Henderson is one of the first to qualify to be in the original clinical trials as she does 300 FNAs a year and was excellent in the one week RFA workshop. She was added to our AACE task force on Radiofrequency ablation.


There are courses in Seoul Korea and in Europe for those willing to travel.

JH Baek at Asun Medical Center


Dr.Roberto Valcavi at 19756655_2167943129884318_1495467335736317656_n



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