Thyroid Tumor RFA 101 : Safety Essentials

Thyroid Tumor RFA 101 : Safety Essentials

Thyroid Tumor RFA 101 : Safety Essentials

“Dextrose Method of Critical Structure Avoidance”

Official name: Hydrodissection Technique.

During workshops endocrinologists will practice dextrose avoidance on gelatin models with simulated “nodule” and “carotid” artery.

With water in place of dextrose US guided needle is placed between the critical structure and the target nodule and then infused continually to separate the target.

Before the infusion


Needle placement between the target and the

danger structure.



Actual Dextrose infusion.

On left is the close location of the nodule and the artery and\

the USG needle approaching the area between the nodule and the artery.


On the right is the clear separation of the target from the artery.

2 Arrows show 5-10 mm separation.

Workshops on Thyroid tumor ablation for ethanol and RFA are planned for the USA and now are available in Italy and Korea with world expert teachers.

A preview Master’s class tumor ablation 3-5 day course is available today at Santa Monica Thyroid Center.

Call Matt for details about all available workshops today.
310-393-8860 or

Copy of my detailed course is available to interested endocrinologists.

Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU

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