Parathyroid Disease Hyperparathyroidism

Parathyroid Disease Hyperparathyroidism

Parathyroid Disease Hyperparathyroidism

Where is Waldo?

The blood studies tell you you have over-active parathyroid glands.
High parathyroid hormone and calcium makes the diagnosis even if you do not have
symptoms. kidney stones osteoporosis high blood pressure and stomach problems
occur but may be late onset.
Where is the tumor?

What not to do.
Do not just let a local surgeon “explore your neck”.
Did you know that an endocrine neck ultrasound by a endocrinologist certified in this
can be the best first test when looking for the tumor. It is better than the nuclear imaging
for parathyroid called TC 99m sestimibi scan.

The tumors can be anywhere in the neck and even in the upper medistinum.
Detailed US study will find most tumors in the neck. Some may hide in the thyroid gland
or in the carotid bulb area, or even behind the esophagus.
Trust us to find it for you.

call 310-393-8860 for a parathyroid evaluation before the surgery or the Nuclear imaging.

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