Renegade Endocrinologist: A Memoir

Renegade Endocrinologist: A Memoir

Renegade Endocrinologist:  A Memoir

Renegade Endocrinologist: A Memoir


Why I became a rebel endocrinologist because of no civilizing

time learning to sit quietly on the carpet in pre-school or Kindergarten.

While traveling to  Kenya to be a visiting professor to Nairobi Hospital to teach thyroid needle biopsy to the staff, I went sailing on a Indian Ocean sailing Dhow out of Mombasa. Yes that is my hair.

Renegade Endocrinologist
A Memoir

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1st Edition
No Kindergarten was the Beginning of my Renegade

Born a pre-baby boomer during the WWII, I had a great 7 years playing all day at the park and coming home filthy dirty.The parks were safe from perverts then. One day my mother dressed me in new clothes and walked me to first grade. There were no pre-schools, and with the influx of new babies from the returning GI’s and their wives there was no kindergarten in Chicago in 1948.As my mother left me in a seat in a strange classroom, I began to cry along with most of the 7 year olds. We had be free wheeling kids playing all day and now we were in prison. According to my report cards I was loud, did not sit still, and disturbed the class almost everyday. I was good student according to my report card  grades but the column about my behavior was always marked “needs improvement” in every category.
It has been suggested to me that the long years of playing, doing whatever I wanted and the lack of the self control that usually begins on sitting on the carpet in kindergarten was the beginning of my approach to the rest of my life.


Richard Guter MD,FACE,ECNU

I have no idea how I got so far in my life without the self control learned in pre-schools and kindergarten. Or maybe I was spared the control imposed by early schooling on my  attitude to all things in my life ever since.

Look out for more excepts in the future.

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