Thyroid HIFU 101: The System

Thyroid HIFU 101: The System

Thyroid HIFU 101: The System

Thyroid HIFU 101: The System

Echopulse® includes an ultrasonic transducer, an amplifier, a computer, visualization and treatment unit (VTU) as well as an interchangeable cooling system (EPack).


The Echopulse and the TH-KitTechnological breakthrough, EPack is a patented system that ensures both cooling and coupling functions for a safe and efficient treatment, while providing optimal image quality.




Visualization and treatment unit

Visualization headVisualization and treatment head includes:

• an ultrasound transducer for real-time monitoring of the target area

• an HIFU emission device used for treatment

• an articulated arm for easy positioning on the treatment area

• a motorized head able to perform multi-angle (sagittal or transverse) slices but also micro-movements for a precise and safe treatment


The head provides a real time ultrasound image to view both the target and the HIFU during treatment on the user interface.



User interface

Intuitive and easy to use, the user interface includes a touch screen mounted on an articulated and easily steerable arm.


User interfaceThe Echopulse® interface features several functions:


• It guides the user through the set-up, visualization, scheduling and treatment steps.

• The treatment and target area can be assessed and monitored in real time.



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