Dangers of Excess Iodine in USA

Dangers of Excess Iodine in USA

Dangers of Excess Iodine in USA

Dangers of Excess Iodine in USA:Common Drugs Containing Iodine

  1. Amiodarone— 75,000 mcgs per tablet
  2. Calcium iodide(Calcidrine syrup.) —26,000 mcgs/ml
  3. Phospholine eye solution—5,000-41,000/drop
  4. Hydriodic acid syrup—13,000-15,000 mcgs /ml
  5. Enterovioform— 104,000 mcgs/tablet
  6. Iodide containing vitamins 150 mcgs/tablet
  7. Combid, Darbid —1,800 mcgs /tablet
  8. Kelp— 150 mcgs/ tablet
  9. KI — 145,000 mcgs/tablet
  10. Lugol’s solution —6,300 mcgs/drop
  11. SSKI —38,000 mcgs/drop
  12. IV Sodium Iodide 10% solution—85,000 mcgs/ml
  13. Betadine— 10,000 mcgs/ml
  14. Vioform—12,000 mcgs /ml
  15. Iodine Tincture— 40,000 mcgs/ml
  16. Contrast agents: Renografin-76—370,000 mcgs/ml—Iodized oil— 380,000 mcgs/ml—Telepaque 389,000/ml—( Oragrafin) 308,000 mcgs/tablet
  17. The daily iodine need for humans not pregnant is 150 mcgs/day, 250mcgs if pregnant.
  18. Most all these drugs can be a problem for someone with a goiter,Hashimoto’s and cancer.
  19. Thyroid scan of a patient with multiple toxic nodules from ingesting excess iodine as supplements.
  • Bronwyn Amos November 16, 2017 12:58 pm

    Hi Dr Guttler
    I am allergic to iodine since taking entroviaform in Canada for gastric back in 1974. My Dr said I have Graves Desease.
    So now I am going to start “Agomelatine” Valdoxan antidepressant with the Inactive Ingredient “Povidone”. I am hoping this won’t be a problem. If you don’t answer that’s ok as I will visit my Pharmacist. I would appreciate your comment though Thank You. Bronwyn Amos

    • Dr Guttler November 17, 2017 7:53 am

      If you have Graves disease taking iodine may be a problem.

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