Hashimoto/Graves’ Diseases Together: A patient in her own words.

Hashimoto/Graves’ Diseases Together: A patient in her own words.

Hashimoto/Graves’ Diseases Together: A patient in her own words.


  • K.B.

    “Dr. Guttler FIXED ME!. I went to 4 other doctors before I got to Dr. Guttler. NONE of them understood thyroid well enough to figure out my problem.  I found Dr. Guttler in 2008.  My daughter has acute Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  I have Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease (Hashi-toxicosis).  I went to a physician in Pasadena who told me that I needed to visit my OBGYN.  I had eyelid retraction, bulging eyeballs and double vision.for some reason, my internist did not find my eyelid retraction disturbing or concerning.  FOUR Ophthalmologists told me I had glaucoma.  I had Thyroid Eye Disease!!!!! Please understand that one can go blind using glaucoma drops when one does not have glaucoma but has thyroid eye disease.  I found out that thyroid is not taught in medical school.  To truly understand the thyroid, a doctor has to study and specialize in thyroid, not just endocrine.
    Dr. Guttler takes your blood himself in his office.  I LOVE IT.  He also does the ultrasound right in his office. I had developed nodules on my thyroid, my hair was falling out, I had bleeding fibroids, wasn’t sleeping well, thin nails and I was freezing all the time in addition to my pronounced eyelid retraction. NO ONE TOLD ME!  Luckily those nodules were benign.  I had gotten a physical from my internist every year.  The “normal” thyroid panel often does not reflect a problem. The correct blood tests can’t be ordered if the doctor doesn’t know how to order the proper blood tests.  Dr. Guttler is the ONLY Thyroid Endocrinologist that I have met that knows what he is doing. After three months on Synthroid my eyes went back in my head and my hair grew back at the temples. I immediately began sleeping more soundly.  I also lost the ten pounds that wouldn’t come off. It was amazing. “




  • Shannon E Dowdy September 24, 2019 6:45 am

    I have hashimotos diease and Graves diease , Graves Eye Disease all the doctor has done is perscribed suppelments and is doing blood test every 3months for the past 17 months . No thyroid medication . I am concerned that I should be on medication

    • Dr Guttler September 25, 2019 8:27 am

      There is treatment for Graves eye disease.
      Supplements are not effective.

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