The 250 Patients Treated with Pig Thyroid in Digby Nova Scotia Are Better off Without Desiccated Animal Thyroid

The 250 Patients Treated with Pig Thyroid in Digby Nova Scotia Are Better off Without Desiccated Animal Thyroid

The 250 Patients Treated with Pig Thyroid in Digby Nova Scotia Are Better off Without Desiccated Animal Thyroid

The 250 Patients Treated with Pig Thyroid in Digby Nova Scotia Are Better off Without Desiccated Animal.

Thyroid. It causes too many complications especially elderly hypothyroid patients. Before synthetic T4 qand modern TSH testing, it was a silent killer causing cardiac disease and osteoporosis. The powerful T3 in Pig thyroid is the cause of the problem. Humans are not designed to ingest T3 but should get it from conversion for T4. Spikes in T3 in the blood occur when T3 is ingested in pig thyroid. It is almost never used by endocrinologists in 2017. Even though some will say pig is better than synthetic in the long run 95% will be better off not taking that outdated drug from pigs. The first use was with sheep thyroid injected into a hypothyroid patient in England in 1870s. 


We did not know until the 70s how many patients were injured by these animal products with no hormone content measurements. Without a TSH test that could detect an overdose, many died of heart or bone disease but the the cause was not detected by testing. We do not use this anymore. It is advised for those that are upset about the closure and lack or pig thyroid should actually be happy they will be at lower risk of pig thyroid complications.


Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU


DIGBY, NS – A thyroid clinic has been closed in Digby and its patients are looking for answers.

The clinic’s doctor, Dr. Ronald Matsusaki, received a cease and desist letter last week from the Ethics Review Board division of the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Many if not most of the patients are treated using desiccated thyroid medication, also known as ‘pig thyroid,’ instead of the more commonly used synthroid.

The clinic operated on Wednesdays out of the Digby General Hospital and treated around 250 patients.

  • Sa October 26, 2017 6:40 pm

    Great to hear from yet another doctor who doesn’t care about their patients. You are not providing current and up to date information regarding desiccated thyroid. Why are you trying to put people off desiccated using information from the late 1800’s? No shit there was no way to regulate it back then. Times have changed and the only time I hear bad things about desiccated are from doctors who also admit they don’t know anything about it. Yet, there are MDs (yes, actual medical doctors) who spend their life researching this stuff and advocate for it. How many years have you spent learning about it? Can you explain to me why my body won’t covert t4 to t3? Can you explain why my heart health is absolute shit when I’m on synthroid and cytomel, yet my levels are completely normal? Let me guess….Another underlying issue that you could prescribe yet another medication for? And why is it, that when I was able to be on desiccated, that I never felt better?

    • Dr Guttler October 27, 2017 9:21 am

      I am glad you are happy with your medication.
      Good Luck

  • John March 15, 2018 3:31 pm

    D Guttler,
    I was on Levothyroxine for 8 years and ill for every minute of those 8 years. I abandoned all hope of the medical industry ever having any common sense at all by refusing me alternative treatment, bought my own “pig thyroid” from Thailand and recovered my health immediately.
    Your attitude towards this natural product is criminally insane. You should be struck off and get a new career as a road sweeper, where you couldn’t do any more harm.
    Whilst on levothyroxine, I developed kidney cancer and almost lost my life. This was caused by the fact that the rubbish levothyroxine is THE WRONG MEDICINE and cancer cells were allowed to develop, unchallenged by my body’s badly operating natural defences.
    You are an idiot.
    Without this natural treatment I would now be confined to bed 24/7. With it I can operate as well as any other 70 year old who has never had a total thyroidectomy and a nephrectomy.

    • Dr Guttler March 17, 2018 6:24 am

      Sorry do not believe a word of this.

  • Penny March 17, 2018 8:35 am

    If only any doctor took any notice of the complaints of thyroid patients the world over, but you don’t. It is simply treatment by numbers. Lots if us don’t convert levo very well and the addition of liothyronine doesn’t help. Porcine thyroid is most like our own. It works for me and many others when the synthetics don’t. In the UK patients are allowed porcine insulin when the synthetic doesn’t work, why the problem with NDT?

    • Dr Guttler March 17, 2018 4:30 pm

      Wrong only a rare patient can’t convert.

  • K.N. March 17, 2018 1:47 pm

    Please read Dr Broda Barnes book, and these myths about thyroid hormones causing osteoporosis or heart disease will be dispelled. Dr Broda Barnes really knew his stuff, and he researched extensively. In his time he saw the development of the crackpot TSH TEST and the sudden reliance on it.

    Incidentally the sale and usage of the TSH TEST, and all it entails is worth insane amounts of ££££.

    A simple Google search reveals: thyroid function Tests Market Worth 1.68 Billion USD by 2022.

    Why care about patients when £££ is a prime focus?

    • Dr Guttler March 17, 2018 4:28 pm

      Broda Barnes’ book in pure pseudoscience.
      Worthless in the care of thyroid patients.

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