TV Dr is a Present Day “Thyroid” Snake Oil Salesman: Avoid is Show For Your Health.

TV Dr is a Present Day “Thyroid” Snake Oil Salesman: Avoid is Show For Your Health.

TV Dr is a Present Day “Thyroid” Snake Oil Salesman: Avoid is Show For Your Health.

TV Dr is a Present Day “Thyroid” Snake Oil Salesman: Avoid His Show For Your Own Health. He Knows Nothing About the Thyroid Gland or the Diseases.




Comments: As a Thyroidologist I am very unhappy with a Popular TV physician and his advice.

My answers to his statements are seen in the article.

Dr. Oz Show Today: All About The Thyroid and Weight Loss

The Doctor Oz Show Today focuses on the thyroid and how it regulates the way our body processes food in our bodies. The thyroid is located in the throat and is shaped like a butterfly. This small gland is responsible for secreting hormones that regulate the metabolism. Oz has said many times that this gland regulates the body’s fat burning furnace. If that furnace is set too low, a person will gain weight or never seem to be able to lose weight.

DR.G. “There is only a temporary thyroid effect on weight. When the hypothyroidism is replaced with thyroid hormone to normal there is no more “thyroid effect” on weight. You never will be obese due to hypothyroidism. A 300 pound female will weight 285-90 when her thyroid deficiency is corrected.The small amount of weight lost still leaves were with exogenous obesity not thyroid obesity.”

There is a debate about whether a person can reset their thyroid to burn more fat and speed up the metabolism.

DR.G. “There is no debate. This is pop science.”

Back in 2014, Oz gave out a simple test to check your thyroid, this consisted of checking your eyebrow length. He emphasized that this was not a scientific solutions but an observation that would let a person know they may want to see a doctor.

DR.G. ” This is bogus. We have very accurate blood tests today. 

Later in 2014, Oz had Dr. Aviva Romm

DR.G. This person is also selling things from her website. Do not pay her any attention.”

on the show with another quiz to check for a slow thyroid. This seven question quiz was designed to tell a person if they could be suffering from a slow thyroid. Oz also pointed out 4 ways to naturally boost the metabolism and the thyroid. He said Vitamin A, Selenium, Zinc, and Iron are the four things your body needs to keep the thyroid healthy. Again we got a list of natural ways to get these supplements. Eating everyday foods like sweet potatoes, red meat, beans, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts.

DR.G. “The thyroid is healthy unless a disease called Hashimoto’s or the patient has surgery or radiation occurs. Supplements are worthless in keeping the thyroid healthy.”

So what will the new revelations about boosting the metabolism will Oz have today? Will we see new ways to boost the hormone production of the thyroid and help the body burn more calories?

DR.G. Dr.Oz is a TV person and is far from having any idea about the thyroid gland he writes and talks about on his show. Please stop watching this present snake oil salesman.

Please check back later today for our full coverage of the Doctor Oz Show. We bring you all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about daily.

At home test for thyroid speed and nutrition from Dr. Oz

Slow Thyroid Quiz
Oz has a simple quiz to see if you may have a slow thyroid. Think about the last three months and answer yes or no to the following questions:
1. Have you gained weight?
2. Have you experienced brain fog, or more specifically confusion, forgetfulness, or trouble concentrating?
3. Have you been unusually tired?
4. Are you often constipated?”
5. Are you always cold, especially your hands and feet?
6. Have you been especially moody?
7. Have you noticed changes in your skin, hair or nails?

DR.G. “These are worthless questions because everyone is non-specific and usually has nothing to do with your thyroid function.”


Dr. Oz brought in Dr. Pina LoGuidice and gave us a at-home quiz to take to determine our thyroid’s speed:

DR.G. ” This not another person selling her books and supplements and diets.”

A-high, B-normal, C-low

  1. How would you describe your energy level?
  2. What is your body temperature like?  Are you always hot or cold?
  3. What are the consistency of your bathroom (bowel movements?)
  4. What health issue do you most identify?  Depressed, dry skin, insomnia, constipated, brittle nails, etc.

If you answered mostly A’s–your thyroid is too high, B’s–it is normal, C’s—too slow.

DR.G. ” This is a joke. Body temp is constant and is not related to thyroid function unless you are severely hypothyroid where is can go very low in  myxedema coma.”

Incorporating zinc (spinach, legumes, cashews, cocoa powder) and switch to sea salt if your test shows slow or C.

DR.G. “What pop science.The only thing to treat hypothyroidism is thyroid hormone.”

If your results showed a fast speed, eat foods that block iodine: Cabbage, cauliflower, brussel spouts, broccoli, kale.We were given a recipe for a pumpkin smoothie to boost thyroid speed.

DR.G. “This is so out to lunch that comments are not worth the energy to write them.”

We were given a recipe for a pumpkin smoothie to boost thyroid speed.

If you’re gaining weight, low on energy, moody all the time and can’t figure out why, your thyroid may be to blame. Symptoms like these can be indicative of an imbalance in your thyroid hormones. Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy came up with this 28-day plan to boost your thyroid naturally by simply changing aspects of your diet.

DR.G “There is no diet that can boost your thyroid naturally.”

Apply these four tips to your daily diet for the next month for an increase in energy. If your symptoms do not improve, you may want to consider seeing a doctor to have your thyroid checked out.”

DR.G. “If you have thyroid disease 4 weeks of these tips will do nothing for you but waste your time and cost you money.”

DR.G.”My advice is to stop watching this show. If you are addicted they when he talks about thyroid turn off the volume until he or his so called thyroid experts stop talking.”

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