Renegade Endocrinologist: A Serial Memoir Exclusive to’s Blog

Renegade Endocrinologist: A Serial Memoir Exclusive to’s Blog

Renegade Endocrinologist: A Serial Memoir Exclusive to’s Blog

Renegade Endocrinologist: A Serial Memoir Exclusive to’s Blog.

How a series of  unconnected events formed my life, and my life’s work as a clinical thyroidologist.


Chapter One:

How my way of overcrowded schools after WWII I never went to pre-school or kindergarten, but

went kicking and screaming direct to first grade. My seven years of out of control childhood were over.

I never recovered or learned to follow directions or the “herd.” I was on my way to a totally different life experience than almost all my classmates.

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Others chapter highlights.

How my last minute side trip to Borneo, where I met the tribal chief on his Skrang  River

longhouse and saw Japanese skulls by every entrance door to homes



How a chance meeting with a future African cardiologists  landed me in 1978

on a sailing dhow on the Indian ocean off of Mombasa Kenya.


How it Happened that I received a grand jury subpoena

from Boston for records of one of my patients of 12 years.

She was Gangster Whitey Bolger’s Girl friend.


How it happened that my house in Kauai was blasted by Iniki

and my whole family survived it in a closet lined with bed mattresses.


How it came to be that my best subject was history in high school which lead me to study thyroid goiters through the centuries.  This is a great 1900 aura drawing showing how a goiter sent out an angry aura coming directly for neck.


It came to pass that my history interest uncovered an old treatment returned to use today. Ethanol ablation therapy. Archives review for thyroid goiters found that nothing is

new only some variation of the past. Alcohol was used to treat goiter in 1890.

It was not very successful , now 120 years later alcohol is now the treatment of choice for thyroid cysts and cancer lymph nodes.




How it came to be that while dodging a tour to Vietnam I signed up for the Army Public Health corp during Vietnam. I was assigned to ride the “Nerve Gas Train”





And trained in medical aspect of nuclear war. I never went to war.

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How it came to be I was in charge of US Army successful

attempt to abort a Meningitis outbreak among 20,000

recruits. In 5 days 26 public health enlisted men and women under my command gave 200,000 minocycline pills and aborted the outbreak.

No more cases or deaths occurred for 2 months.


“Due to a meningitis outbreak on the post, we were restricted to the company area, save for trips to rifle ranges, physical training areas, weekly trips to the barber, etc.” Fort Lewis Memories.



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