Radiofrequency ablation Parathyroid Adenoma

Radiofrequency ablation Parathyroid Adenoma

Alternative to surgery?

Parathyroid adenoma for RF ablation from Dr.Roberto Valcavi’s YouTube video.

Xinyang Li, et al Endocrine Practice Article July 23 2021.

DR.Guttler’s comments:

  1. 25 patients who were treated with RFA for pHPT in this report.
  2. 21/25 had normal PTH at 6 months.
  3. Minor complications of neck pain and one case of transient voice change.
  4. The used hydrodissection to set a 5 mm barrier between the PTA and vital structures. They injected 10-30 ml normal saline in order to avoid thermal injury of critical structures by forming a liquid isolation zone greater than 5 mm between the parathyroid
    and adjacent structures.
  5. I do not use saline as it is an conductor of electricity. I use dextrose instead.
  6. RFA was performed using the moving-shot technique and trans-
    isthmic approach.
  7. The RFA power was 3-7 Watts.
  8. If a transient hyperechoic zone did not form at
    the electrode tip within 5–10 s, the radiofrequency power was gradually increased.
  9. Failed response occurred with a larger size adenoma and if multiple glands were involved.
  10. Ideal size for RF ablation is around 1 cm.
  11. Very small PTAs <0.6 cm are also more difficult to ablate.
  12. The procedure takes about 5 minutes.

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