Aggressive Thyroid Cancer Marker: TERT Test Added to Interpace ThyGenX Marker Panel

Aggressive Thyroid Cancer Marker: TERT Test Added to Interpace ThyGenX Marker Panel

Aggressive Thyroid Cancer Marker: TERT Test Added to Interpace ThyGenX Marker Panel

Aggressive Thyroid Cancer Marker: TERT Test Added to Interpace ThyGenX Marker Panel

Interpace Diagnostics Announces Launch of Enhancement to Thyroid Testing Services

The ThyGenX™ mutation panel imgres-4-1-300x36

includes the following markers that are predictive of thyroid cancer from cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules, including BRAF, HRAS, KRAS, NRAS, RET/PTC, PAX8/PPARy, and PIK3CA.  By adding TERT,


the panel will not only continue to be a strong positive predictor of thyroid cancer, but will also provide evidence that a positive result indicates the cancer is likely to be more aggressive in nature.

Telomerase reverse transcriptase or TERT encodes the reverse transcriptase component of telomerase, which adds telomere repeats to chromosome ends, enabling cell replication.  Published data suggests that TERT mutations can extend the life span of the tumor cell and allow time for other mutations to develop. Mutations in the TERT promoter region are found in thyroid cancers and seem to act synergistically when they occur with the BRAF V600 mutation.  The coexistence of mutations in TERT and BRAF genes have been shown to dramatically increase the risk of thyroid cancer aggressiveness, tumor recurrence and thyroid cancer-specific deaths.

Physicians will be able to order TERT as part of the ThyGenX mutation panel or on an individual basis.

ThyGenX – ThyraMIR represents the only  test in the market that combines the rule-in properties of next-generation sequencing of a patient’s DNA and RNA, with rule-out capabilities of a micro-RNA classifier to provide physicians with clinically actionable test results. Most physicians have traditionally recommended thyroid surgery where thyroid nodule biopsy results are indeterminate, not clearly benign or malignant following traditional cytopathology review; however, 70%-80% of these surgical outcomes are ultimately benign.  Molecular testing using ThyGenX – ThyraMIR has been shown to reduce the rate of unnecessary surgeries in indeterminate cases.

Jack E. Stover, President and CEO of Interpace Diagnostics stated, “We are pleased to be launching this enhancement to our Thyroid services at the request of our customers. This marker will provide physicians and their patients with incremental insights into their risk for particularly aggressive thyroid cancer.”


ThyGenX utilizes state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing (NGS) to identify more than 100 genetic alterations associated with papillary and follicular thyroid carcinomas, the two most common forms of thyroid cancer. ThyraMIR is the first microRNA gene expression classifier.  MicroRNAs are small, non-coding RNAs that bind to messenger RNA and regulate expression of genes involved in human cancers, including every subtype of thyroid cancer. ThyraMIR measures the expression of 10 microRNAs.

Comments: I have used Interpace for my patients. I was involved in the original clinical trials when Asuragen owned this system.I like the service I receive with every case. The detail person and the head biochemist are always there to answer questions.


Dr. Finkelstein is a board certified pathologist specializing in gastrointestinal pathology with extensive experience in molecular diagnostics. He is my go to man at Interpace for all my questions about the field of thyroid molecular marker testing.

Interpace offers the unique ability to do scratch off testing on previous FNA cytology slides. This is helpful when someone comes in with a suspicious biopsy and we ask for microdissection of the slide for markers without another biopsy.If the material is satisfactory and it was not liquid based sample they could do the test on the slide from the old biopsy.

Richard Guttler MD.FACE.ECNU

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