Be Aware of the Rules for Dealing with Thyroid Nodules.

Be Aware of the Rules for Dealing with Thyroid Nodules.

Be Aware of the Rules for Dealing with Thyroid Nodules.
 Be Aware of My Rules for Dealing with Thyroid Nodules.
1. Do not have a thyroid ultrasound without an indication. This leads you to a biopsy and surgery you don’t need.
2. If you do have an ultrasound don’t have a biopsy without a second opinion.You may not have the indications for a biopsy.
3. If you do have a biopsy and it is suspicious or cancer, get expert opinion what is your best next move.
4. Some suspicious nodule are benign if molecular markers are done, saving you from the knife.
5. Some nodules used to be called cancer are now actually benign. These can be diagnosed by only lobectomy and if are look a like benign tumors you are done. You dont have cancer after all the fuss.
6. Some small cancers that are self contained in the thyroid gland can be watched by active surveillance or locally treated by either ethanol ablationPEI or radiofrequency ablation RFA as alternatives to surgery.
Thyroid Nodule awareness means you need to take control and not get pushed into doing things 
that are not indicated or worse a surgery and lifetime diagnosis of cancer that you don’t have.
That is what is real awareness is all about. Scare tactics by local physicians and surgeons must be
should be tempered by slow careful evaluation by an an outside thyroidologist expert.
Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU
Call Matt before you have that ultrasound,biopsy or surgery.

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