Imaging of Endocrine Neck and Chest

Imaging of Endocrine Neck and Chest

Imaging of Endocrine Neck and Chest

Imaging of endocrine neck and chest

Ultrasound: It is too available leading to over-use. Neck structures, no radiation. Live dynamic pictures viewed real time by endocrine neck specialists with ECNU certification from  American College of Endocrinology USG FNA the method of choice for thyroid nodules, parathyroid adenoma or cysts and neck cancer lymph nodes. Method of choice to do interventional procedures for neck cystic thyroid nodules (Ethanol PEI ), cancer lymph node by USG PEI, and large solid benign thyroid nodules radiofrequency ablation (RFA)  by ultrasound guidance. These procedures are highly operator dependent.There is a need for training to become qualified to do these procedures.

CT Tomography: Xrays, Chest and Neck structures, ionizing radiation, iodine contrast used, no dynamic imaging, Biopsy under CT guidance is possible for thyroid cancer in the upper chest not reached by USGFNA. Physician looks at static images after the procedure.Operator technician can cause excess radiation if not monitored.

MR imaging: radiowaves/magnetic field, chest and neck area, no radiation, contrast but not iodine agents, no dynamic imaging, no possible biopsy.

Image of a Thyroid cyst evacuation of the fluid just before USG ethanol ablation procedure.

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