MANKATO — Shari Kagermeier is ending her campaign for Mankato mayor, citing a deterioration in her health as she battles thyroid cancer.

Five candidates remain in the race to replace Mayor Eric Anderson, who is retiring at the end of this year after eight years in the office.

 “Up until this past week, I’ve tried to do what I can to keep my energy level up and ignore the pain,” Kagermeier wrote in an email to The Free Press that was submitted as an open letter to the citizens of Mankato. “However, the last chemotherapy dose has hit me harder than previously. As you can imagine, I have both good and bad days and until this last treatment they have been consistently good, but Mankato deserves a mayor that has a high energy level each day.”

Kagermeier, who said she has metastasized medullary thyroid cancer stage four, is the wife of former Mankato Mayor Jeff Kagermeier and was the first candidate to file for the office this year, doing so on May 23. In announcing her campaign, she said she planned to focus on economic growth, intergovernmental cooperation, expansion of the trail and park system, and boosting input from residents in city decision-making.

“… Not knowing what the future may bring, it is my plan to live my life to the fullest within any limitations I may experience and I will do that while focusing my time on my family,” Kagermeier wrote Monday as she ended the campaign. “I wish all those vying for the position of mayor the best of luck. And to my fellow Mankato citizens, may our progressing city continue its journey of growth and prosperity.”

Because Kagermeier made her decision after Thursday’s deadline to officially withdraw her candidacy, her name will be on the Aug. 14 primary election ballot along with Honey Burg, Bukata Hayes, Toby Leonard, Najwa Massad and Nick Tracy.