Thyroid Ablation 101: Introductory Master’s Classes For the Future Interventional Thyroidologist

Thyroid Ablation 101: Introductory Master’s Classes For the Future Interventional Thyroidologist

Thyroid Ablation 101: Introductory Master’s Classes For the Future Interventional Thyroidologist

Thyroid Nodule and Cancer Ablation 101: Introductory Master’s Classes For the Future Interventional Thyroidologist.

Non-invasive alternatives to surgery is the new hot area for endocrinologists interested in an exciting thyroid practice without the work load of general endocrinology.

The thyroid field has turned 180 degrees away from surgery. American Thyroid Association was a surgeons society and was called American Goiter Society. Thyroid cancers that were treated as routine with total thyroidectomy and radioiodine are now watched under active surveillance or  can be ablated by ethanol PEI or radiofrequency RFA. Nodule evaluation by endocrine neck ultrasound, FNA and molecular markers and classifiers are left to grow and when they cause symptoms or are a cosmetic factor they will not be treated by the surgeon. RFA and PEI can ablate them without the hospital admission expense and complication risks of surgery.

I was around when the nuclear medicine types took over thyroid nuclear medicine except for a few of us who treated our own patients with a limited license for thyroid only.

We are at a similar crossroad where we need to step up and form our own IT ( Interventional Thyroidology ) before we loose out to IR ( Intervemntional Radiologists).

How do we do it? We begin to train in thyroid ablation procedures. We insist that endocrine societies teach thyroid ablation in workshops and lead the way to certification in IT.

I have been a interventional thyroidologist do ethanol ablation  for 10 years and training in RFA for 3 years. I traveled to Italy to study with Roberto Valcavi and am planning a trip to Korea to learn from the premier IR in thyroid ablation J H Baek.

I have had two young endocrinologists come to my ablation masters classes in the last several months. Brittany Henderson,

Dr.Henderson, a member of the new thyroid ablation society of American is using  AACE’s AceNeedleMe torso to practice moving shot method needed to do safe RFA ablation procedures.


and Flower Mai.

Dr.Mai doing RFA and the results of her ablation skills at the last day final test.



She learned on-site adequacy. USGFNA, thyroid cytology for endocrinologists and

how to use molecular markers and classifiers.


How to set up take home training aids such as cow liver with beef nodules. How to make models with gelatin to practice ethanol ablation. She saw me do 2 PEIs and is Did PEI on my cyst models. She is ready to do PEI with more practice when she goes home to Texas.

Matt is showing Dr.Mai how to prepare pseudo nodules and lymph nodes from beef  before the RFA and PEI workshop.




They had hands on workshops over 3-5 days and saw ethanol ablations done. RFA introductory training was by lectures and cow liver with “beef” thyroid nodules”. They learned how to evaluate a patient for RFA in Korea or Italy with Consultation,FNA, marker testing to have a short visit just for the treatment ( 2-3 days).

Young endocrinologists leave training with limited knowledge of thyroid ablation.

Don’t be left behind and get a jump start on your exciting future by taking my workshop and going to the Society of Interventional Radiologists meeting in Los Angeles in 2018 where Professor Baek will do a thyroid ablation workshop. Endocrinologists are urged to see Dr.Baek in action.

Call Matt or email him at 1-310-393-8860, or [email protected];.com for my Introductory Thyroid Ablation Master’s classes.

We know our thyroid patients best and we should not be sending them for biopsies,and interventional thyroid procedures we can do in our own office.

Go to and sigh up now. Use me as a reference to join. We need a few good men and women to take over thyroid ablation in the USA!

Richard Guttler MD,FACE ECNU

Founding member of the Thyroid ablation society founded in Boston in July 2017.

Dr’s Mark Lupo, Henderson and myself at the first meeting in Boston.


  • Morteza taghavi December 8, 2017 3:34 am

    Dear sir
    l am an endocrinologist. I passed a shoet course of thyroid nodule ablation in frankfurt and I want to complete it by you. would you please help me ?

    • Dr Guttler December 11, 2017 9:03 am

      Yes, I give masters classes in thyroid tumor ablation.
      The course is 3-5 days.
      If you interested you need to pick some dates and I will see which ones
      match mine.
      [email protected]


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