Thyroid Ablation Society First Meeting July 30 2017 Boston MA

Thyroid Ablation Society First Meeting July 30 2017 Boston MA

Thyroid Ablation Society First Meeting July 30 2017 Boston MA

Thyroid Ablation Society First Meeting July 30 2017 Boston MA


Founding members: On the right is Dr. Auh Whan Park, an Interventional Radiologist and on the left is Dr.Richard Guttler an interventional thyroidologist meet before the meeting to discuss the agenda.


Dr.Park introduces founding member Dr.Mark Lupo an interventional thyroidologist and Teacher for AACE ultrasound courses. He discussed linking thyroid ablation procedures into the workshops given throughout the country by AACE. He also suggested AACE would add ablation to the AACE thyroid cancer courses as well. He has notified the AACE president Jonathan Leffert and requested formation a thyroid ablation task force, and to pole the ECNU trained endocrinologists doing their own free hand USGFNAs to determine their interest in adding PEI Ethanol ablation and RFA radiofrequency ablation to their practice, or working with their local IR physician to bring these new non-surgical procedures to their area.


Dr.Guttler with one of his RF trained students Dr.Brittany Henderson ECNU who will be  on the AACE ablation task force and a young driving force for these ablation procedures in the US..


The three main interventional thyroidologists attending the society first meeting are ready to lead the way to educate endocrinologists about the value to their community and their practice adding ablation procedures to decrease the number of thyroid surgeries.


The world leader in RF ablation is Professor Jung Hwan Baek MD,PHD is seen on the left answering a question from Dr.Brittany Henderson.


The attendees of the first thyroid ablation society meeting to plan the future course of thyroid PEI,RF, HIFU and microwave ablation for thyroid nodules,cysts and thyroid cancer in the USA.


Professor Ha Eun Ju MD from Ajou University is next to Dr.Guttler and Professor Baek just before the thyroid ablation society meeting at the Star Med booth.

The picture is of another expert interventional RF physician from Korea Dr.Jung Suk Sim MD,PHD and Dr.Guttler exchanging cards Korean style at the first Thyroid Ablation society meeting. His card was very cool with a white arrow with the tip in a round circle. No doubt he was an ablation specialist by the look of the card.



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  • naomi January 23, 2019 9:54 am

    Please let me know if you treat Papillary thyroid cancer in early stages by HIFU? much appreciated .

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