Thyroid Cancer 101: What was in Ron Darling’s Chest?

Thyroid Cancer 101: What was in Ron Darling’s Chest?

Thyroid Cancer 101: What was in Ron Darling’s Chest?

Thyroid Cancer 101: What was in Ron Darling’s Chest?

Dr.Guttler’s Comments:

  1. It is rare to remove a lung metastatic mass, but not the lymph nodes that are in the upper chest area that can harbor lymph node metastasis. The prognosis is very different. Lymph nodes are just an extension of the local regional disease of the neck with good prognosis. However metastatic disease to the lungs is distant spread and has a worse prognosis.
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  3. Thyroid cancer to the lungs is not usually a mass resected by surgery, but as diffuse disease treated by radioiodine as shown above.
  4. However a mass of upper chest metastatic thyroid cancer lymph nodes can be surgically removed.
  5. My last case with recurrent mass in the upper chest from papillary thyroid cancer had a second surgery to remove a CT guided biopsy proven metastatic lymph node metastasis mass in the upper chest. The lymph nodes came out as a  single “cluster of grapes”. The patient is alive and well 10 years after. This was not lung metastasis but regional local lymph node cancer which has a better prognosis.
  6. The diagram shows about 5 % of cancer lymph nodes are in level VII down in the upper chest area where my patient’s mass was a cluster of lymph nodes.
  7. Good luck to Mr.Darling either way.

Ron Darling diagnosed with thyroid cancer

“After the removal of the mass on my chest along with further tests, I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer,” Darling said in a statement.

“My doctors have said they are optimistic that the cancer is treatable and that I would be back on air talking baseball in the next month or so. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their continued support.”

Darling was a key member of the Mets’ 1986 World Series team and has been in the booth for the team since 2006, alongside Keith Hernandez and play-by-play man Gary Cohen.

“My heart goes out to Ron Darling. I know that Ron will beat this insidious disease,” Hernandez wrote on Twitter. “I’m heartened to hear that his doctors are very optimistic for a full recovery. I will stop at my church this day and light a candle for Ron and his entire family. I look forward to RJ’s return.”

Darling also works national games for TBS and MLB Network.

“Upon receiving today’s update on Ron’s prognosis,” said a statement from Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz, “we are comforted to know that his condition is treatable and look forward to seeing him back on the air soon.”


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