Thyroid Cancer Treated with Microwave Ablation MWA

Thyroid Cancer Treated with Microwave Ablation MWA

Thyroid Cancer Treated with Microwave Ablation MWA

Thyroid Cancer Treated with Microwave Ablation MWA


Case Reports in Endocrinology

Konstantinos Segkos et al 

Volume 2017, Article ID 2790741, 4 pages

Isolated Liver Metastasis in Hürthle Cell Thyroid Cancer Treated with Microwave Ablation

The “probe ” is called an antenna  in microwave ablation. It is positioned in side the cancer in the liver and the heat kills the cancer cells.

Hurthle¨ cell thyroid cancer (HCTC) with  isolated liver metastasis. He underwent laparoscopic microwave ablation of the liver metastasis, with dramatic decline in thyroglobulin and no structural disease identified to date. This case highlights the rare occurrence of isolated liver metastasis from HCTC and also illustrates the utility of thermoablation as an alternative to surgical resection in the treatment of small isolated liver metastases from HCTC. The metastasis was deep in the right lobe of the liver. In order to remove it surgically, it would have required a major open liver resection. Given the possibility that other

One month post MWA Tg dropped to 0.6 ng/mL. Abdominal MRI did not reveal residual or recurrent tumor.


In the past years, there have been significant breakthroughs in the treatment of liver metastatic disease, and multiple nonresection methods have been introduced. These include the thermal ablation techniques of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and microwave ablation,  Compared to RFA, MWA can heat the liver tissue more ef fectively, and when it is close to blood vessels, the temperature does not drop as much.the MWA procedure is most successful in tumors <3 cm.

There are scarce published data regarding thermal ablation of liver metastases of thyroid cancer origin.


In summary, we present a rare case of HCTC with isolated liver metastasis. To our knowledge, there has only been one case with HCTC with isolated liver metastasis described in the literature but none treated with microwave ablation.


Comments: Endocrinologists and other physicians caring for patients with solitary or low volume liver metastatic disease should be aware of thermoablation.


Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU


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