Thyroid No Surgery: Dr. Guttler’s Lecture on Thyroid RFA

Thyroid No Surgery: Dr. Guttler’s Lecture on Thyroid RFA

Thyroid No Surgery: Dr. Guttler’s  Lecture on Thyroid RFA

Thyroid No Surgery: Dr. Guttler’s Lecture on Thyroid RFA.

This is an introduction to my Lecture Video that showcases Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation done by endocrinologists in their own offices without the need for hospitals or imaging centers. I am an interventional thyroidologist published USA expert in thyroid RF for benign nodules and at present spearheading a clinical trial to validate the procedure in the USA.

I have used several different RF systems over 5 years. I have trained in Italy and Brazil. I have been doing Master’s classes in Clinical thyroidology and presently do 1-2 day classes in Thyroid RF for endocrinologists. These include observation of Thyroid RF on one of my patients with a benign symptomatic nodule as the climax to the training.

Endocrinologists need to be aware that thyroid RF is to clinical thyroidology what neck ultrasound, USGFNA, molecular markers, and ethanol ablation were in the last 20 years.This amazing technology will is used now for benign thyroid nodules, but studies from Korea, China, and Europe have shown it is going to be used instead of surgery for small micro-sized papillary cancers, recurrent lymph node papillary thyroid cancer, and parathyroid adenoma.

Any endocrinologist doing their own neck ultrasounds and Biopsies can easily learn thyroid RF. I can train you in my 2 day master’s RF class which includes observation of my treatment of a patient with a thyroid nodule.

Once trained in the basics you with my referral, you can obtain a thyroid RF system. Once you have the system, you can practice your technique learned in my class on turkey or bovine liver models. After 30-50 ablation procedures on models, you can be ready to start to do your first human case.

There is a “fear factor” when doing the first human case associated with anxiety because it is a new experience. The best way to deal with this is do a case under direct supervision of one our experts. Unfortunately no one in the Korea, Italy or the US including me will allow you to do one of their human cases. However, I have a connection with a fellow thyroid interventional physician in Brazil. He has an advanced course with one day in the hospital where visiting endocrinologists do thyroid RF on his patients under supervision.

My students who went to Brazil including me were excited to find out that this was almost as easy as USGFNA and ethanol ablation. I was nervous doing the first case in Rio but had no qualms doing my cases in my office after returning for Rio.

Call me at 310-393-8860 or email to [email protected] for course details.

Patients needing evaluation for thyroid RF call use the same numbers above.

Please ask for Alicia my office manager.

Thyroid RF The Next Great Breakthrough in Thyroid Treatment



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