Thyroid Patients 2018 New Years Resolutions

Thyroid Patients 2018 New Years Resolutions

Thyroid Patients 2018  New Years Resolutions

     Prepared by Dr.Guttler for thyroid patients.

  1. Resolve to see an endocrinologist or clinical thyroidologist to get an opinion if you are just seeing your primary physician.
  2. Resolve to tell your first degree relatives that you have a thyroid cancer that could be found in others in your family. It is called Familial non-medullary thyroid cancer.
  3. Resolve to inform them that an endocrine consult is necessary as there is no blood test for familial non-medullary thyroid cancer. An endocrine neck ultrasound detailing the thyroid and the neck lymph nodes is needed.
  4. Any significant thyroid nodules seen is a potential thyroid cancer, and may need a needle biopsy and molecular marker studies.
  5. Resolve to find out the cause of your hypothyroidism. If you have not had your thyroid removed or had radioiodine treatment the usual cause is autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This has more complex implications than just taking thyroid hormone.
  6. Resolve to track your TSH results to see if your test is in the normal range. There is limited reasons to be taking excess thyroid hormone except some more severe cases of thyroid cancer.
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  8. Resolve to get another opinion if your physician allows your TSH to be low (< 0.4) This is  caused by excess thyroid hormone and can lead to osteoporosis (bone loss), irregular heart beats and heart disease.
  9. Resolve to never allow your primary to use thyroid hormone to help you lose weight under the guise of treating your hypothyroidism.
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  11. Resolve to stay away from physicians using compounding pharmacies to make thyroid hormone “just for you”. Compounding errors can put you in thyroid storm, or severe hypothyroidism.
  12. Image result for compounding pharmacies Compounding pharmacies

    In March, it was widely reported that a young woman named Jade Erick had died suddenly of a hypersensitivity reaction while undergoing an infusion of intravenous curcumin ordered by a naturopath named Kim Kelly to treat her eczema. The FDA investigated and found egregious problems with the injectable curcumin used. This tragic incident thus serves to demonstrate how dangerous a combination naturopaths and dubious compounding pharmacies can be.

  13. Resolve to avoid thyroid support supplements. They are dangerous to thyroid patients with hypothyroidism, goiters and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. They are not approved by the FDA to treat thyroid disease., and have been found to have unregulated thyroid hormones in them that can cause you to become toxic.
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  15. Resolve to take Biotin supplements for your hair as it can severely effects your thyroid blood tests.
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  17. Resolve to not take iodine in your supplements or as iodine drops. Iodine can cause thyroid failure in patients with only a half thyroid after surgery. It can cause goiters to become toxic goiters, and stimulate thyroid cancer growth, and cause progression of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
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  20. Resolve to look the labels of your vitamins to see if they have iodine. Normal intake of iodine is 300 mcgs a day in the US unless you are on a fad diet. YOU DO NOT NEED IODINE IN YOUR VITAMINS.triiodine-125-mg-90-capsules-by-euromedica
  21. Resolve to see and endocrinologist if you are hypothyroid and have them determine if you need an ultrasound.Hypothyroid patients have nodules, goiters and even thyroid cancer only found on careful neck examination, and ultrasound, not just the blood tests.
  22. Resolve to tell your first degree relatives that you have autoimmune thyroid disease either Graves or Hashimoto’s. These run in families. There is a very good chance your sister, mother or aunt has undiscovered thyroid disease.They need case finding by an endocrinologist. Thyroid antibody testing is essential to find these diseases. Also a small firm palpable thyroid gland on examination is never normal and is a sign they have disease, and an ultrasound is indicated.
  23. Resolve if you have autoimmune thyroid disease to have your > 7 year old child tested for autoimmune thyroid disease especially Hashimoto’s. Untreated disease can lead to thyroid cancer in children as well as adults.
  24. Resolve to never use excess thyroid hormone to treat obesity. Obesity is not a thyroid disease.
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