Thyroid Patient’s Hall of Shame: Medical Radiofrequency Device Companies in the USA.

Thyroid Patient’s Hall of Shame: Medical Radiofrequency Device Companies in the USA.

Thyroid Patient’s Hall of Shame: Medical Radiofrequency Device Companies in the USA.

Thyroid Patient’s Hall of Shame

1. Medical Radiofrequency Device Companies in the USA.

The hall of shame is designed to let the thyroid patients know what physicians and medical companiesare responsible for limiting availability and exposure to truly great alternatives to surgery for their thyroid conditions. It starts with the universities, the hospitals that try to survive by demanding their physicians use their facilities for high paying surgery rather than develop out patient alternative ablation centers,  the radiologists called interventional radiologists who do not list thyroid disease as a treatable conditioning the IR.ORG website, the endocrinologists caring for thyroid nodule or cancer patients who never sends any of them for ethanol or radio frequency therapy alternatives, the primary care physicians who fail to demand safe cheap alternatives to surgery in their community, the local surgeons who continue to use 1950 mentality and just keep cutting away at every thyroid nodule and cancer they see in consultation, the medical corporations making radio frequency ablation systems who fail to develop thyroid friendly systems or worse others who have great safe thyroid systems but failed to care about US thyroid patients to never get their systems approved in the USA.

These are the categories for induction in the hall.

The first inductee in the hall is:



A 10 billion dollar corporation that in 2013 was approached about developing a small electrode for use in the thyroid area. They had electrodes for use in liver cancers and other body parts but their “horse ” sized electrode was too big (#17 gauge) and long for safe use in the thyroid for nodules and cancer. We told them about the success with short thin electrodes developed by Korean medical device companies used for thyroid work. They refused to develop any thyroid acceptable systems. To this day there is no system developed by Covidien or the company that bought them in 2015, Medtronic.

The second Inductee is:




In 2015 they bought Covidien. There was hopes by interventional thyroidologists that Medtronic a 30 billion dollar corporation would see the large upside to develop a thyroid friendly system for the US market. Their Korean competitors still in 2015 had not even tried to get FDA approval and concentrated on Asia and Europe. Every attempt to get Medtronic to fund research in thyroid RFA was ignored. My personal experience with Medtronic was they were blind dinosaurs that could not see the future value of a thyroid friendly FDA approved system. They had a aborted go at an# 18 gauge electrode that could have worked for thyroid patients. They stopped development! When I confronted their search and development gurus I was told there was no further search needed in RFA and Medtronic was not funding studies or workshops to train physicians in Thyroid RFA. The best line from these cretins was there is nothing more to know about the use of RFA and they were not interested in RFA for thyroid disease treatment.

Results: Thyroid patients with nodules and cancer that could be treated with existing thyroid RFA systems must either submit to surgery or go to Korea or Italy where physicians have been doing thyroid RFA for over 10 years.

Call me for details of my referral system to allow you to get thyroid RFA with a minimal stay of 2-3 days just for the treatment in Europe or Korea.

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