Thyroid PEI/RFA Tumor Ablations 101: The Magnificent ECNU 500 Called to Arms

Thyroid PEI/RFA Tumor Ablations 101: The Magnificent ECNU 500 Called to Arms

Thyroid PEI/RFA Tumor Ablations 101: The Magnificent ECNU 500 Called to Arms

Thyroid PEI/RFA Tumor Ablations 101: The Magnificent ECNU 500 Called to Arms.

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The pioneers in  thyroid ablation in the US are Daniel Duick and Jack Baskin. As presidents of AACE they fostered ethanol ablation PEI of thyroid and parathyroid cysts by endocrinologists. DR. Baskin taught PEI in his private practice in Orlando to many future thyroidologists. They both published books and gave workshops on ablation for AACE in their ultrasound courses. They are our heroes. Don’t let them down by failing to carry on their work. Dr. Baskin is retired, and Dr. Duick has limited his practice, but is still a guiding light for all of us as we move to new methods in clinical thyroidology.

Bravo Dan and Jack!

The vast majority of general endocrinologists just see patients, refer them for blood testing, ultrasounds,biopsies, and then knee jerk referral for surgery when there are alternatives to surgery that are not as expensive or invasive. They do not do anything beside seeing hundreds of diabetics, and thyroid patients without doing any procedures on their own. However there are 517 certified endocrine neck specialists doing procedures in their office. Some do on-site adequacy, USGFNA,  but few do any interventional procedures such as ethanol ablations PEI of cysts and thyroid cancer lymph nodes and few refer patients to get radiofrequency ablations RFA in Europe and Korea for benign nodules and primary micro-papillary  cancer ablation as an alternative to surgery.If you are a USA ECNU endocrinologist you already have the experience of doing your own biopsies. This is a great help in having an easier time learning Thyroid Nodule and Tumor Ablation. No one is better suited to learn these procedures than an ECNU trained endocrinologist.

This is a wake up call to all 517 of you. The time is now to begin to think about learning these ablation procedures.They add new weapons to your arsenal to continue the fight to reduce unnecessary thyroid surgery on your patients when first line non-invasive methods are here. There is a new society started in Boston and attended by 3 ECNU certified members, Richard Guttler, Mark Lupo, and Brittany Henderson. The website is All of you interested in a great new extension of clinical thyroidology to include interventional thyroid tumor ablation specialist need to sign up. Any ECNU endocrinologist can use any of us as a reference.


All 517 are listed here. History will tell who are bold enough to call themselves interventional thyroidologists IT .


Elamin Abdelgadir,MBBS, MRCP, ECNU 01/19/2016 Dubai Dubai
Dima Abdelmannan,MD, ECNU 08/11/2010 Shaker Heights OH USA
Zinoviy Abelev,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/05/2016 Long Island City NY USA
Abby Abisogun,MD, ECNU 07/20/2017 Burlington NC USA
Devaprabu Abraham,MD, MRCP, ECNU 03/13/2013 Salt Lake City UT USA
Alice Abraham,MD, ECNU 09/14/2015 Englewood NJ USA
Mohamad Abu-Hijleh,MD, FRCP, FACE, ECNU 08/07/2011 Abdoun Amman Jordan
Derick Adams,DO, ECNU 10/01/2016 Lexington KY USA
Shahzad Ahmad ,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/01/2012 Provo UT USA
Sara Ahmadi,MD, ECNU 01/05/2015 Durham NC USA
Mandana Ahmadian,MD, ECNU 10/12/2011 Bellevue WA USA
Bijan Ahrari,MD, ECNU 03/07/2017 Las Vegas NV USA
Fatheya Al Awadi,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/21/2017 Sharjah Dubai UAE
Ahmad Al Ghamdi,MD, ECNU 07/18/2018 Montreal Quebec City Canada
Hassan Al Humrani,MD, ECNU 12/12/2011 Eastern Province Alhassa Saudi Arabia
Maryam Al Saeed,MBBCh, ECNU 08/21/2017 Dubai Dubai UAE
Hiba Al-Dabagh,MBBS, ECNU 10/19/2012 Davenport FL USA
Eshraq Al-Jaghbeer,MBBS, ECNU 05/25/2009 Des Plaines IL USA
Teresa Alasio,MD, ECNU 01/18/2016 White Plains NY USA
Saleh Aldasouqi,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/02/2010 East Lansing MI USA
Hussam Alhawari,MD, ECNU 10/22/2010 Springfield MO USA
Jules Aljammal,MD, ECNU 03/02/2016 Provo UT USA
Abdulrahman Alkabbani,MD, ECNU 01/21/2014 Riyadh Saudia Arabia
Cheryl Almirante,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/29/2015 Yortktown VA USA
Rami Almokayyad,MD, ECNU 06/18/2011 Ames IA USA
David Alster,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/07/2011 Tucson AZ USA
Yousef Altowaireb,MD, ECNU 02/24/2012 Springfield MA USA
Ula Alwahab,MD, ECNU 01/27/2016 Cleveland OH USA
Natalia Anchipolovsky,DO, FACE, ECNU 01/18/2016 Hackensack NJ USA
Agustin Andrade,MD, ECNU 01/21/2014 Miami FL USA
Samual Andrews, II,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/25/2016 New Orleans LA USA
Adeela Ansari,MD, ECNU 01/29/2011 Sacramento CA USA
Deepa Aravind,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/20/2013 Medford NY USA
Mary Arden-Cordone,MD, ECNU 10/02/2010 Stamford CT USA
Miguel Ariza,MD, ECNU 06/20/2011 Malden MA USA
Ernest Asamoah,MD, FRCP, FACP, FACE, ECNU 02/27/2009 Fortville IN USA
Donald Aspenson,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/29/2010 Tulsa OK USA
Ghobad Azizi,MD, ECNU 02/12/2010 Wilmington NC USA
Shadi Badrieh,MD, ECNU 07/29/2011 Joplin MO USA
Georges Bahsali,MD, ECNU 03/16/2015 Laval Quebec Canada
Timothy Bailey,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 10/09/2009 Escondido CA USA
Dewey Bailey, III,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/12/2015 Roanoke VA USA
Chris Bajaj,DO, ECNU 02/10/2014 Fort Worth TX USA
Harpreet Bajaj,MD, ECNU 01/25/2011 brampton Ontario Canada
Rahil Bandukwala,DO, ECNU 04/17/2017 Laguna Hills CA USA
Anthony Barber,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/27/2009 Hickory NC USA
Ricardo Bardales,MD, MIAC, ECNU 03/21/2014 Sacramento CA USA
Tres Barrera,MD, ECNU 03/08/2015 Round Rock TX USA
Alaaeldin Bashier,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/04/2013 Dubai UAE
Ruggero Battan,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/24/2009 Grand Rapids MI USA
Jeffrey Bauman,MD, ECNU 01/27/2009 Berkeley NJ USA
Ernest Beasley, III,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/18/2016 Atlanta GA USA
Bridget Beier,DO, ECNU 02/13/2013 Pittsburgh PA USA
Shirley Bembo,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/06/2015 Franklin Park NJ USA
Danielle Benaviv-Meskin,MD, ECNU 03/02/2015 Trumball CT USA
Cynthia Benedict,MD, ECNU 12/31/2012 Indianapolis IN USA
Mehtap Berkmen,MD, ECNU 07/29/2011 Waterbury CT USA
Rajiv Bhambri,MD, MBBS, ECNU 03/25/2015 Melbourne FL USA
William Biggs,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/16/2010 Amarillo TX USA
Azza Bin Hussain,MD, MRCP, ECNU 09/08/2014 Dubai UAE
Howard Blank,MD, ECNU 01/19/2015 Bloomfield Hills MI USA
Mihaela Blendea,MD, ECNU 08/28/2012 Worcester MA USA
Dean Blevins,MD, ECNU 08/07/2017 Austin TX USA
Thomas Blevins,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/10/2011 Austin TX USA
Brittany Bohinc,MD, ECNU 05/26/2014 Durham NC USA
James Bonucchi,DO, ECNU 09/05/2009 Sparta MO USA
Anna Boron,MD, ECNU 06/21/2015 Phoenix AZ USA
Renuka Boyapalli,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/16/2016 Torrence CA USA
Gillian Boyd-Woschinko,MD, ECNU 02/27/2015 Ridgewood NJ USA
Peter Boyer,MD, ECNU 12/02/2011 Jefferson City MO USA
Neal Breit,MD, CNSP, ECNU 01/12/2014 New York NY USA
James Brennan,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/21/2010 Columbia SC USA
Elise Brett,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/02/2009 New York NY USA
Deborah Brigell,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/05/2010 Belmont MA USA
Maria Brito-Ferreiras,MD, ECNU 03/31/2015 Great Neck NY USA
Gilbert Brovar,MD, ECNU 07/27/2010 Jamaica Plain MA USA
Arthur Bucci,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/29/2013 Pittsburgh PA USA
Deepti Bulchandani,MD, ECNU 07/23/2012 Gallatin TN USA
Camille Buonocore,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/21/2012 Pittsburgh PA USA
Peter Butler,MD, ECNU 08/08/2013 Springfield MA USA
Peter Campbell,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/10/2015 Knoxville TN USA
Victor Carlo-Chevere,MD 02/02/2014 San Juan PR USA
Nathan Carnell,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/29/2009 Lovettsville VA USA
Constantin Carseli,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/27/2011 Mystic CT USA
Paul Casanova-Romero,MD, MPH, FACE, ECNU 01/27/2016 Wellington FL USA
Luis Casaubon,MD, ECNU 05/04/2011 Austin TX USA
Danielle Castillo,MD 07/24/2015 Chesapeake VA USA
Judith Castillo-Perez,MD, ECNU 07/29/2010 Fairfield CT USA
Arturo Castro,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/21/2009 Spring Hill FL USA
Oscar Castro,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/29/2012 Palm Harbor FL USA
Jose Cepeda,MD, FACE 03/11/2016 Edinburg TX USA
Tira Chaicha-Brom,MD, ECNU 12/08/2014 Austin TX USA
Niyutchai Chaithongdi,MD, ECNU 07/28/2015 Fargo ND USA
Khushbu Chandarana,MD, ECNU 11/01/2012 Raleigh NC USA
Anil Chandel,MD, ECNU 04/24/2011 Wauwatosa WI USA
Sumesh Chandra,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/11/2014 Tampa FL USA
Nanjappa Chandramohan,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/20/2009 Ocala FL USA
Marina Charitou,MD, ECNU 03/28/2014 Dix Hills NY USA
Foiqa Chaudhry,MD, ECNU 05/25/2017 Dearborn MI USA
Marcy Cheifetz,MD, ECNU 04/01/2011 Needham MA USA
Province Country
Jean Chen,MD, ECNU 06/08/2017 Austin TX USA
Ailian Chen,MD, ECNU 11/22/2009 Atlantic Beach NY USA
Vicky Cheng,MD, ECNU 07/23/2012 Dedham MA USA
Anna Chernov,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/02/2015 Montvale NJ USA
Robert Cheron,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/14/2009 Utica NY USA
Marcos Chertman,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/16/2012 Miami Beach FL USA
Su-Ynn Chia,MBBS, ECNU 12/24/2009 Singapore Singapore
Ana-Maria Chindris,MD, ECNU 04/14/2014 Jacksonville FL USA
Ebele Chira,MD, ECNU 02/19/2010 Hickory NC USA
Brandon Chock,MD, ECNU 07/22/2012 Los Angeles CA USA
Charles Choe,MD, ECNU 04/27/2010 San Diego CA USA
Karen Choong,MD, ECNU 07/26/2011 Brighton MA USA
Chitra Choudhary,MD, ECNU 08/25/2016 Dover DE USA
Muhammad Choudhry,MD, ECNU 06/12/2010 Marquette MI USA
Heiwon Chung-Whang,MD, ECNU 06/10/2014 Allentown PA USA
Rhoda Cobin,MD, MACE, ECNU 03/28/2015 Ridgewood NJ USA
David Cohen,MD, ECNU 06/27/2015 Boston MA USA
Edward Condon,MD, ECNU 04/06/2009 East Northport NY USA
Elaine Cong,MD, ECNU 10/08/2015 New York NY USA
Mark Corriere,MD, ECNU 10/12/2016 Columbia MD USA
Christopher Coyne,MD, ECNU 08/04/2017 Worcester MA USA
Anthony Cryar,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/22/2014 Salado TX USA
Kayla Cunningham,MD, ECNU 03/16/2026 Columbia MD USA
Jennifer Cunningham,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/17/2011 Oak Park IL USA
Sameera Daud-Ahmad,MD, ECNU 03/09/2010 Old Tappan NJ USA
Pascal Dauphin,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/04/2017 Henderson TN USA
Jean Davidson,DO, ECNU 07/27/2016 Voorhees NJ USA
Amy DeGueme,MD, ECNU 09/30/2016 Milwaukee WI USA
Jared Dendy,MD, ECNU 06/15/2017 New Orleans LA USA
Benjamin Dennis,MD, ECNU 06/16/2014 Columbus GA USA
Navtika Desai,DO, FACE, ECNU 03/10/2014 Green Brook NJ USA
Kaniksha Desai,MD, ECNU 06/28/2016 Jacksonville FL USA
Devasenan Devendra,MD, ECNU 06/19/2010 London UK
Gauri Dhir,MD, ECNU 03/12/2014 Balacynwyd PA USA
Georgiana Dobri,MD, ECNU 02/04/2016 Cleveland OH USA
Venkatarama Donepudi,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/15/2016 Hickory NC USA
Monica Dorin Schwarcz,MD, ECNU 11/07/2012 Valhalla NY USA
Thomas Doty, III,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/25/2016 Knoxville TN USA
Matthew Draelos,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/15/2009 Edmond OK USA
Jeffrey Driben,MD, ECNU 08/04/2014 Wyomissing PA USA
Michael Duben,MD, ECNU 11/12/2015 New Haven CT USA
Daniel Duick,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU 12/31/2012 Phoenix AZ USA
Panayiotis Economides,MD, PhD, FACE, ECNU 12/12/2016 Engomi Nicosa Cyprus
Leslie Eldeiry,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/13/2009 Boston MA USA
Fareed Elhaj,MD, ECNU 09/07/2012 Houston TX USA
Georges Elhomsy,MD, ECNU 09/21/2015 Wichita KS USA
Peter Emerson,MD, ECNU 10/22/2010 Austin TX USA
Eric Epstein,MD, ECNU 04/25/2011 Briarcliff Manor NY USA
Ahmet Ergin,MD, ECNU 10/23/2014 Montgomery AL USA
Deirdre Eschler,MD, ECNU 01/15/2017 East Setauket NY USA
Valerie Espinosa,MD, ECNU 10/06/2011 Austin TX USA
Wesley Fairfield,MD, ECNU 01/21/2014 Lewiston ME USA
Saba Faiz,MD, ECNU 04/01/2013 Lititz PA USA
Vera Fajtova,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/08/2009 Sudbury MA USA
Michael Favorito,MD, ECNU 12/17/2016 Wilmington NC USA
Alan Feldman,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/29/2011 Jupiter FL USA
Rebecca Fenichel,MD, ECNU 07/12/2012 New York NY USA
Andrea Ferenczi,MD, ECNU 06/30/2010 Scottsdale AZ USA
Mary Irene Feria,MD, ECNU 11/04/2013 Kalispell MT USA
Marlyn Fernandez,MD, ECNU 10/13/2016 Emerson NJ USA
Surani Fernando,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/06/2012 New Haven CT USA
Svetlana Fomin,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/23/2015 Point Pleasant NJ USA
Justin Fontenot,MD, ECNU 09/07/2010 Lafayette LA USA
Christopher Fox,MD, ECNU 10/01/2009 Superior CO USA
Shari Fox,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/25/2011 Englewood CO USA
Todd Frieze,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 04/02/2010 Biloxi MS USA
Jason Gaglia,MD, ECNU 01/26/2010 Boston MA USA
Sandi-Jo Galati,MD, ECNU 08/21/2014 Trumball CT USA
Michael Garcia,MD, MACE, ECNU 10/28/2009 West Bloomfield MI USA
Nicola Gathaiya,MBBS, ECNU 04/23/2017 Springfield MO USA
Paige Gault,MD, ECNU 08/13/2013 Simpsonville SC USA
Alina Gavrila,MD, MMSc, ECNU 02/10/2011 Framingham MA USA
Zsofia Geck,MD, ECNU 05/20/2010 Sarasota FL USA
Penny Glickman,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/16/2015 Maitland FL USA
Philip Goldberg,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/26/2010 Guilford CT USA
Allan Golding,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/18/2013 Hollywood FL USA
James Goldman,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/09/2010 Newton MA USA
Michael Gonzales,MD, ECNU 01/27/2014 Hattiesburg MS USA
Thottathil Gopan,MD, ECNU 09/08/2010 Munster IN USA
Lakshmi Goudar,MD, ECNU 09/16/2016 Norfolk VA USA
Poorani Goundan,MBBS, ECNU 11/28/2016 Boston MA USA
Stanislav Goykhman,MD, ECNU 01/03/2011 Cliffside Park NJ USA
Barbara Gredysa,MD, ECNU 11/16/2016 Southampton NY USA
Kamal Greiss,MD, FRCP, FACP, FACE, ECNU 07/26/2011 Wyckoff NJ USA
Nicole Greyshock,MD, ECNU 01/19/2015 Fayetteville NC USA
Mai Gu ,MD, PhD, ECNU 09/18/2013 Orange CA USA
Mahima Gulati,MD, MSc, ECNU 11/18/2014 Danbury CT USA
Zain Gulzar,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/10/2011 Dubai Dubayy UAE
Ratnasiri Gunawardena,MD, ECNU 07/28/2010 Virginia Beach VA USA
Bhaskar Gundabolu,MD, MPH, ECNU 03/10/2013 Toldeo OH USA
Maria Guoth,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/05/2011 Greenwich CT USA
Ashita Gupta,MD, MPH, ECNU 12/19/2012 New York NY USA
Ankur Gupta,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/11/2015 Dayton OH USA
Malini Gupta-Ganguli,MD, CCD, ECNU 09/04/2015 Memphis TN USA
Richard Guttler,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 02/22/2010 Santa Monica CA USA
Haleh Haerian,MD, ECNU 10/02/2010 Duncansville PA USA
Majd Hakim,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/01/2010 Frederick MD USA
Julie Hallanger-Johnson,MD, ECNU 05/08/2010 Fargo ND USA
Name Date City Province Country
Eyad Hamoudeh,MD, ECNU 03/15/2017 Worcester MA USA
Kathleen Hands,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/05/2008 Helotes TX USA
Lenita Hanson,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/17/2009 Punta Gorda FL USA
Wasim Haque,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/05/2009 Coppell TX USA
Emir Harari,MD, ECNU 01/12/2014 Scottsdale AZ USA
Richard Harrell,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 04/10/2010 Boca Raton FL USA
Lindsay Harrison,MD, ECNU 11/12/2014 Austin TX USA
Pamela Hartzband,MD, ECNU 07/28/2010 Brookline MA USA
Stefan Hasinski,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 04/02/2016 Phoenix AZ USA
Kristin Helm,MD, ECNU 12/16/2010 Milton MA USA
James Hennessey,MD, ECNU 07/29/2010 Needham MA USA
Ziad Hinedi,MD, ECNU 07/15/2014 Sharon MA USA
Jason Hollander,MD, ECNU 04/08/2011 Lawrenceville NJ USA
Eric Horst,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/28/2011 Columbia SC USA
Runhua Hou,MD, ECNU 07/25/2011 Rochester NY USA
Ying Hu,MD, PhD, ECNU 12/18/2015 Danville PA USA
Daniel Huberman,MD, ECNU 04/26/2015 Summit NJ USA
Patrick Hungerford,MD, ECNU 10/01/2010 Medford OR USA
Syed Hussain,MD, ECNU 11/16/2011 Metuchen NJ USA
Iram Hussain,MD, ECNU 07/23/2016 Dallas TX USA
Hammad Hussain,MD, ECNU 07/19/2012 Quincy IL USA
Kristen Hyland,MD, ECNU 07/13/2013 Wilmington DE USA
Sindhu Igala,MBBS, MD, ECNU 05/03/2016 Richardson TX USA
John Interlandi,MD, CCD, FACE, ECNU 12/29/2009 Nashville TN USA
David Irizarry,MD, ECNU 10/01/2015 Wellington FL USA
Bhanu Iyer,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/07/2015 Somerset NJ USA
Roberto Izquierdo,MD, ECNU 11/17/2015 Syracuse NY USA
Linda Jaffe,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/17/2010 Newton MA USA
Akshay Jain,MD, ECNU 02/24/2014 Calgary Alberta Canada
Mudit Jain,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/04/2011 Plantation FL USA
Prasuna Jami,MD, ECNU 01/15/2013 Louisville WV USA
Anwar Jammah,MD, FACP, FRCP(c), ECNU 12/28/2009 Riyadh Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia
Michelle Jardine,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/23/2016 Babylon NY USA
Sadaf Jeelani,MD, ECNU 02/23/2017 Gainesville FL USA
Elizabeth Jenkins,MD, ECNU 02/22/2015 Columbia MD USA
Qing Jia,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/30/2015 Garland TX USA
Luis Jimenez-Briceno,MD, ECNU 05/03/2010 La Union Cartago Costa Rica
Ankur Jindal,MBBS, MD, ECNU 04/07/2016 Columbia Missouri USA
Medhavi Jogi,MD, ECNU 09/30/2012 Houston TX USA
Jann Johnston,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/15/2012 Pittsburgh PA USA
Tessey Jose,MD, ECNU 11/24/2016 Weston FL USA
Merab Joseph,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/06/2016 Cliffside Park NJ USA
Dennis Joseph,MBBS, ECNU 02/08/2016 Somerset KY USA
Ansu Joy,MD, ECNU 05/15/2013 Princeton NJ USA
Jyothi Juarez,MD, ECNU 01/06/2016 Houston TX USA
Maliha Jumani,MBBS, ECNU 08/08/2016 Columbus GA USA
Sushma Kadiyala,MD, ECNU 01/07/2017 Gainesville FL USA
Olga Kaliebe,MD, ECNU 02/04/2014 New Orleans LA USA
Sherief Kamel,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/02/2010 Lynn Haven FL USA
Subramanian Kannan,MD, ECNU 04/08/2014 Bangalore India
Heidi Karon,MD, ECNU 03/11/2013 Columbia MD USA
Alan Kauppi,MD, ECNU 02/15/2015 Lynchburg VA USA
Saka Kazeem,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/12/2014 Brooklyn NY USA
Carly Kelley,MD, MPH, ECNU 05/22/2016 Raleigh NC USA
Adam Kelman,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/27/2015 Ridgewood NJ USA
Yasmin Khan,MD, ECNU 01/29/2017 Gainesville FL USA
Maryam Khan,MD, ECNU 05/11/2012 Narberth PA USA
Uzma Khan,MD, ECNU 02/27/2010 Jefferson City MO USA
Nadir Khir,MD, ECNU 10/03/2016 Springfield MO USA
Sleman Khoury,MD, ECNU 08/23/2011 West Bloomfield MI USA
Caroline Kim,MD, ECNU 08/02/2011 Philadelphia PA USA
Anna Kissan,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/28/2016 Florham Park NJ USA
Karen Knudsen,MD, ECNU 12/28/2013 Williamsburg VA USA
Swetha Kommareddy,MD, ECNU 01/02/2016 Worcester MA USA
Thomas Koroscil,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/14/2009 Beavercreek OH USA
Diane Krieger,MD, ECNU 08/03/2009 Miami FL USA
Ramona Krutzik,MD, ECNU 05/20/2011 Brawley CA USA
Rekha Kumari-Agarwal,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/24/2010 Phoenix AZ USA
Jacqueline Kung,MD, ECNU 09/03/2013 Cambridge MA USA
Daniel Kuriloff,MD, FACS, ECNU 11/23/2014 New York NY USA
Laura LaBoone,MD, ECNU 02/19/2015 Columbia SC USA
Darren Lackan,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/08/2009 Fort Worth TX USA
Amanda LaGreca,MD, ECNU 08/15/2014 New York NY USA
Kishore Lakshman,MD, MPH, ECNU 04/26/2011 Seekonk MA USA
Abby Landzberg,MD, ECNU 05/02/2011 South Weymouth MA USA
Robert Lane,MD, ECNU 09/03/2013 Auburn KS USA
Philip Lapp,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/01/2009 West Rutland VT USA
David Lasseter,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/03/2014 Suffolk VA USA
William Law, Jr.,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 11/28/2015 Knoxville TN USA
Elizabeth Lawler,MD, ECNU 01/06/2015 Marion IL USA
Shane LeBeau,MD, ECNU 03/02/2017 Pittsburgh PA USA
Stephanie Lee,MD, PhD, ECNU 01/24/2013 Boston MA USA
Jennifer Lee,MD, ECNU 03/17/2010 Newton MA USA
Esther Lee,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/22/2014 Tenafly NJ USA
Sun Lee,MD, ECNU 11/11/2015 Boston MA USA
Jonathan Leffert,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU 07/26/2012 Dallas TX USA
James Leu,MD, ECNU 12/09/2013 Wayne NJ USA
Angela Leung,MD, MSc, ECNU 12/31/2015 Los Angeles CA USA
Robert Levine,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/24/2010 Hollis NH USA
Wai Ping Li,DO, ECNU 07/22/2012 Frederick MD USA
Barry Lifschitz,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 12/13/2009 Suffern NY USA
Usah Lilavivat,MD, FACP, CDE, FACE, ECNU 11/28/2014 Sumter SC USA
Adoree Lim,MBBS, MRCP, ECNU 06/19/2014 Singapore Singapore
William Litchfield,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/27/2009 Henderson NV USA
Zhao Liu,MD, ECNU 02/17/2013 Danvers MA USA
Lisen Liu,MD, ECNU 05/04/2015 Flushing NY USA
Supna Lowery,MD, ECNU 08/27/2010 Fairfax VA USA
Mark Lupo,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/22/2009 Sarasota FL USA
Michael Magnotti,MD, ECNU 01/13/2014 Teaneck NJ USA
Azhar Mahrous,MBBS, ECNU 01/15/2015 Riyadh Saudia Arabia
Date City Province Country
Tilak Mallik,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/28/2012 New Orleans LA USA
Monique Manganelli-Orr,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/05/2011 La Jolla CA USA
Amir Manzoor,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/30/2014 Panama City FL USA
Debra Margulies,MD, ECNU 06/30/2010 Brooklyn NY USA
Anna Marino,MD, ECNU 09/10/2012 Lexington KY USA
Lisa Markman,MD, ECNU 01/21/2014 New York NY USA
Mary Mason,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/03/2011 Virginia Beach VA USA
Awais Masood,MD, ECNU 06/15/2016 Gainesville FL USA
Joseph Mathews,MD, ECNU 09/08/2014 Summerville SC USA
Carolyn Maxwell,MD, ECNU 07/11/2014 East Setauket NY USA
Brooks Mays,MD, ECNU 01/06/2009 Pinhurst NC USA
Benjamin McCalip,MD, ECNU 12/20/2016 Dayton OH USA
James McCallum,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/09/2009 San Diego CA USA
Daniel McCammon,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/07/2015 Knoxville TN USA
Karen McCowen,MD, ECNU 04/11/2010 Chestnut Hill MA USA
Megan McGarvey,MD, ECNU 02/13/2012 La Jolla CA USA
Mario McNally,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 07/28/2010 New Orleans LA USA
Jeffrey Mechanick,MD, FACP, FACE, FACN, ECNU 10/02/2009 New York NY USA
Ana Mendoza-Salazar,MD, ECNU 04/29/2010 Bangor ME USA
Caroline Messer,MD, ECNU 01/21/2013 Mt. Kisco NY USA
Linda Meyers,MD, ECNU 06/30/2014 Charleston SC USA
Saadia Mian,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/01/2016 Dearborn MI USA
Brian Michael,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/11/2013 York PA USA
Bradford Michell,MD, FACS, ECNU 01/25/2014 Morgantown WV USA
Sally Middleton,MD, ECNU 09/13/2014 Indianapolis IN USA
Joseph Milburn, Jr.,MD, ECNU 01/05/2014 Dallas TX USA
Gerald Minkowitz,MD 01/24/2014 Brooklyn NY USA
Gregory Moffitt,MD, ECNU 04/05/2016 Knoxville TN USA
Mercy Moore,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/16/2016 Charlotte NC USA
Deric Morrison,MD, FRCPC, ECNU 09/27/2013 London Ontario Canada
Rami Mortada,MD, ECNU 01/02/2016 Wichita KS USA
Lianke Mu,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/21/2009 Trussville AL USA
Maryann Mugo,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/11/2016 Maplewood MN USA
Muhammad Mujammami,MD, ECNU 04/14/2015 Montreal Quebec City Canada
Akta Mukherjee,MD, ECNU 09/19/2012 Midlothian VA USA
Guy Mulligan,MD, ECNU 02/17/2011 Aurora OH USA
Miguel Munoz,MD, ECNU 08/15/2014 Marietta GA USA
Huda Mustafa,MD, ECNU 08/18/2011 Abu Dhabi Abu Zaby UAE
Prashant Nadkarni,FACE, ECNU 06/12/2010 Wilkes Barre PA USA
Hirisadarahally Nagaraja,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/11/2010 Noblesville IN USA
Rosalie Naglieri,MD, ECNU 03/13/2011 Columbia MD USA
Samer Nakhle,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/11/2011 Las Vegas NV USA
Kanakasabai Narasimhan,MD, FACP, ECNU 08/20/2010 Columbia SC USA
Pooja Narwal,MD, ECNU 08/02/2017 Springfield MA USA
Christian Nasr,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 06/13/2011 Westlake OH USA
Huong Nguyen,MD, ECNU 09/24/2010 Gaithersburg MD USA
Diep Nguyen,DO, ECNU 11/28/2015 Allentown PA USA
Daniel Noiseux,MD, ECNU 02/26/2010 Longueuill Canada
Paul Norwood,MD, ECNU 12/26/2009 Fresno CA USA
Douglas Notman,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 02/09/2010 Zeeland MI USA
Arash Nourparvar,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/09/2009 Los Angeles CA USA
Dariusz Nowak,MD, ECNU 03/27/2016 Linden NJ USA
Kwame Ntim,MD, ECNU 08/25/2016 St. Cloud FL USA
Gabrielle OConnor,MD, ECNU 05/01/2010 San Juan Capistrano CA USA
Ian Orozco,MD, FACE 08/05/2015 Hickory NC USA
Ibitoro Osakwe,MBBS, MD, ECNU 08/30/2010 Suffield CT USA
Olga Ostmann,MD, ECNU 08/08/2011 Pinehurst NC USA
Kerem Ozer,MD, ECNU 01/03/2012 Austin TX USA
Francisco Padilla,MD, ECNU 03/16/2016 Seaford DE USA
Casey Page,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/15/2016 Knoxville TN USA
Antonio Pantaleo,MD, ECNU 06/21/2010 Stamford CT USA
Kevin Pantalone,DO, ECNU 08/29/2011 Streetsboro OH USA
Claudia Panzer,MD, ECNU 11/03/2009 Denver CO USA
Achilles Paparsenos,MD, ECNU 08/11/2010 Yardley PA USA
Shreya Parikh,MD, ECNU 07/12/2017 Sugar Land TX USA
John Parker,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/13/2009 Wilmington NC USA
Arti Patel,MD, ECNU 08/12/2010 Chester Springs PA USA
Leera Patel,Md, ECNU 08/25/2011 Lexington KY USA
Jill Paulson,MD, ECNU 11/12/2012 Boston MA USA
Babak Pazooki,MD, MSc, ECNU 12/11/2008 Orland Park IL USA
Roger Peckham,MD, FACE, ECNU 12/08/2009 Westlake OH USA
Samara Peña,MD, ECNU 06/30/2010 Boston MA USA
Jesus Penabad,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/06/2016 Hudson FL USA
Rodolfo Perez,MD, ECNU 05/19/2010 Hialeah FL USA
Alexander Perkelvald,MD, ECNU 09/16/2012 Brooklyn NY USA
Timothy Petersen,MD, ECNU 11/01/2016 Virginia Beach VA USA
David Pillinger,MD, ECNU 05/22/2014 Charlotte NC USA
Deepa Ponnusamy,MD, ECNU 08/16/2015 Temple TX USA
James Powell,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/16/2012 Hattiesburg MS USA
Jeereddi Prasad,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/11/2010 Claremont CA USA
Ammar Qoubaitary,MD, ECNU 05/28/2012 San Ramon CA USA
Ambreen Qureshi,MD, ECNU 01/21/2015 Tampa FL USA
Fariba Rahnema,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/26/2012 Las Vegas NV USA
Uma Rangaraj,MD, FACP, ECNU 11/02/2012 Monroe LA USA
Mandip Rawla,MD, ECNU 04/25/2015 Norfolk VA USA
Radha Reddy,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/30/2014 Claremont CA USA
Rama Reddy,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/02/2015 Belleville NJ USA
Sreedevi Reddy,MD, ECNU 06/19/2010 Gilbert AZ USA
Thomas Repas,DO, FACP, FACE, CDE, ECNU 04/06/2009 Hermosa SD USA
Angela Restrepo,MD, ECNU 08/05/2013 Beverly MA USA
James Restrepo,MD, FACS, ECNU 03/18/2014 Wyommissing PA USA
L. Reynolds,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 07/17/2009 Lexington KY USA
Soo Rhee,MD, ECNU 07/02/2012 Tucson AZ USA
Maricel Ridella,MD, ECNU 02/05/2014 Newport News VA USA
Juan Rivera,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/20/2014 Montreal Quebec Canada
Katherine Roberts,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/06/2014 Williamsburg VA USA
Douglas Robinson,MD, PhD, FACE, ECNU 06/12/2010 Charlotte NC USA
Jessica Rockwell,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/05/2010 Cooperstown NY USA
Vanessa Rodriguez,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/11/2010 Delray Beach FL USA

Howard Rosen,MD, FACE, ECNU

07/17/2010 Overland Park KS USA
Name Date City Province Country
Cheryl Rosenfeld,DO, FACE, ECNU 04/20/2016 Denville NJ USA
Gary Rothberger,MD, ECNU 03/20/2017 Mineola NY USA
James Rudick,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU 06/03/2011 Canton OH USA
Eric Rudin,MD, ECNU 02/23/2010 South Salem NY USA
Ghandi Saadeh,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/11/2010 Virginia Beach VA USA
Ali Safa,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 05/01/2011 Great Falls VA USA
Douha Safar,MD, ECNU 02/06/2017 Pittsburgh PA USA
Sanjay Sahay,MD, ECNU 11/29/2016 Garden City NY USA
Ayse Sahin-Efe,MD, ECNU 06/30/2017 Boston MA USA
Raghda Sahloul,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/17/2012 Charleston WV USA
Muhammad Salam,MD, ECNU 06/07/2014 Columbia MO USA
Tipu Faiz Saleem,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/18/2010 Proctorville OH USA
Rebecca Sandler,MD, ECNU 09/15/2016 Paramus NJ USA
Hairong Sang,MD, ECNU 11/04/2015 Wanwatosa WI USA
Reena Satyawadi,MD, ECNU 09/24/2012 Pittsburgh PA USA
Anna Camellia Schiwek,MD, ECNU 08/12/2012 Brewster NY USA
Alison Schneider,MD, ECNU 01/28/2014 Mountain Green UT USA
Andrew Scoma,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/18/2010 Winter Park FL USA
Venkatesh Babu Segu,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/11/2012 Austin TX USA
Laura Selkirk,MD, ECNU 08/09/2012 South Weymouth MA USA
Alison Semrad,DO, ECNU 11/03/2010 Fair Oaks CA USA
Hady Sfeir,MD, ECNU 08/25/2009 Edwards IL USA
Priya Shah,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/08/2017 Orange CA USA
K.M. Shakir,MD, FRCP, MACP, MACE, ECNU 02/22/2010 Bethesda MD USA
Elton Shapiro,MD, CDE, FACP, FACE, ECNU 11/08/2012 Hollywood FL USA
Pankaj Sharda,MD, ECNU 11/01/2016 Philadelphia PA USA
Michael Sharon,MD, FACP, ECNU 06/09/2010 Rockville MD USA
Stephanie Shaw,MD, ECNU 11/04/2010 Austin TX USA
Ahmad Sheikh,MD, ECNU 09/05/2009 Cape Girardeau MO USA
Kenneth Shephard,MD, ECNU 03/26/2017 Miami Beach FL USA
Alexander Shifrin,MD, FACS,FACE, ECNU 10/19/2012 Neptune NJ USA
Muhammad Shrayyef,MD, ECNU,FACP 06/02/2011 Moncton, NB Canada
Sheera Siegel,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/05/2016 Florham Park NJ USA
Christine Signore,MD, ECNU 01/21/2013 Branford CT USA
Kamalpreet Singh,MD, ECNU 11/21/2013 Austin TX USA
John Sistrunk,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/23/2010 Jackson MS USA
Mark Sklar ,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/17/2010 McClean VA USA
Peter Sklarin,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 09/29/2009 San Francisco CA USA
David Sloan,MDCM 12/20/2013 Lexington KY USA
Brian Smolarz,MD, ECNU 01/12/2011 Princeton NJ USA
Christopher Sonnier,MD, ECNU 03/03/2010 Christiansburg VA USA
Poonam Sood,MD, ECNU 05/01/2016 Germantown MD USA
Adam Spitz,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/05/2011 Charlotte NC USA
Matthew Spitzer,MD, ECNU 10/26/2012 Boston MA USA
Pavani Srimatkandada,MD, ECNU 07/22/2016 Boston MA USA
George Stamataros,DO, FACE, ECNU 03/22/2016 Raleigh NC USA
Irinel Stanciu,MD, ECNU 08/11/2010 Meridian ID USA
Sameer Stas,MD, ECNU 01/27/2015 Sparta NJ USA
Devin Steenkamp,MD, ECNU 11/04/2013 West Roxbury MA USA
Jerrold Stock,MD, FACE, ECN 04/10/2010 West Orange NJ USA
Marina Strizhevsky,DO, ECNU 06/02/2015 Lyndhurst/Clifton NJ USA
Matthew Surgan,MD, ECNU 07/08/2015 Summit NJ USA
Sreenija Suryadevara,MD, ECNU 07/25/2016 Tucson AZ USA
Sowmya Suryanarayanan,MD, MRCP (UK), FACP, FACE, ECNU 10/05/2016 Dunedin FL USA
Sherry Sussman,MD, FACE, ECNU 09/24/2012 Smithtown NY USA
JonBen Svoboda,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/01/2009 Rogersville MO USA
Mushtaq Syed,MD, FACE, ECNU 01/20/2009 Indiana PA USA
Gabriela Szabo,MD, ECNU 07/04/2012 Worcester MA USA
Julie Talavera,MD, ECNU 07/26/2010 Austin TX USA
Sonia Talwar,MD, ECNU 07/12/2017 Plainview NY USA
Anjanette Tan,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/12/2012 Fort Worth TX USA
Chhay Tay,MD, ECNU 07/09/2016 Humble TX USA
Joseph Terrana,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/29/2009 Kings Park NY USA
Alex Tessnow,MD, ECNU 01/19/2015 Dallas TX USA
Leonard Thaler,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/16/2011 Miami FL USA
K. Thampy,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/25/2011 Saint Louis MO USA
Hemant Thawani,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 01/03/2013 Flint MI USA
Michael Thomas,MD, PhD, FACE, ECNU 05/04/2009 Raleigh NC USA
Reena Thomas,MBBS, MD, MRCP (UK), ECNU 03/16/2016 Prince Frederick MD USA
Mira Torres,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/25/2014 Westborough MA USA
Amy Toscano-Zukor,DO, ECNU 09/18/2015 Berkeley Heights NJ USA
John Tourtelot,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 02/05/2011 Belleair FL USA
Neil Tran,MD, ECNU 12/26/2010 Westminster CA USA
William Trigoso,MD, ECNU 07/05/2009 San Antonio TX USA
Pedro Troya,MD, ECNU 06/24/2011 Tampa FL USA
Jagdeesh Ullal,MD, ECNU 03/11/2014 Norfolk VA USA
Jagriti Upadhyay,MD, ECNU 05/25/2017 Boston MA USA
Gianina Usera,MD, ECNU 02/14/2017 Great Neck NY USA
Jacob Vadakekalam,MD, ECNU 08/27/2009 San Antonio TX USA
Vedula Vedula,DO, ECNU 09/01/2015 Princeton NJ USA
Colleen Veloski,MD, FACE, ECNU 07/11/2012 Philadelphia PA USA
Sefton Vergano,MD, ECNU 11/27/2015 Lawrenceville NJ USA
Mark Versnick,MD, MPH, ECNU 06/08/2015 Wilmington NC USA
Shalini Vijaykumar,MD 06/13/2014 Pittsburgh PA USA
Carmen Villabona,MD, ECNU 11/03/2016 Weston FL USA
Amit Vora,MD, FACE, ECNU 11/27/2015 Knoxville TN USA
Devendra Wadwekar,MD, ECNU 04/23/2015 Gilbert AZ USA
Sujata Wagh,MD, ECNU 02/25/2016 Parker CO USA
Susan Wang,DO, ECNU 04/03/2015 Fairfield CT USA
Julia Warren-Ulanch,MD, ECNU 03/15/2011 Raleigh NC USA
James Warshaw,MD, PhD, ECNU 06/08/2014 Taunton MA USA
Susan Wasserman,MD, FACE, ECNU 02/01/2010 New Hyde Park NY USA
Jay Watsky,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/27/2009 Slingerlands NY USA
Steven Weitzman,MD, FACE, ECNU 04/03/2013 Houston TX USA
Sandra Werbel,MD, FACE, ECNU 05/03/2010 Gainseville FL USA
Linda Werner,MD, FACE, ECNU 08/14/2010 Weston CT USA
Craig Wierum,MD, FACE, ECNU 03/13/2013 Nashville TN USA
Devina Willard,MD, ECNU 10/14/2016 Boston MA USA
Laura Williams,MD, ECNU 08/30/2014 Round Rock TX USA
John Williams,MD, PhD, FACE 02/29/2016 Knoxville TN USA
Date City Province Country
Milton Wong,MD, FACE, ECNU 06/21/2010 Las Vegas NV USA
Robert Wozniak,MD, ECNU 12/06/2011 Rock Hill SC USA
Robert Yanagisawa,MD, ECNU 12/29/2014 New York NY USA
Samantha Yang,MBBS, ECNU 09/28/2015 Singapore Singapore
Abid Yaqub,MBBS, ECNU 02/04/2010 Proctorville OH USA
Nadia Yaqub,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 06/11/2010 Mason OH USA
Dima Yeshou,MD, ECNU 02/09/2010 Paramus NJ USA
Anthony Yin,MD, ECNU 07/09/2012 San Francisco CA USA
Sung-Eun Yoo,MD, ECNU 08/02/2011 Cary NC USA
Melissa Young,MD, FACE, ECNU 10/02/2010 Freehold NJ USA
Phenu Zachariah,DO, ECNU 02/06/2013 Cape Girardeau MO USA
Isabelle Zamfirescu,MD, ECNU 01/21/2014 South Weymouth MA USA
Michelle Zaniewski-Singh,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU 12/17/2008 Spring TX USA
Kiarash Zarbalian,MD, ECNU 11/04/2016 Mount Airy MD USA
Jianhong Zhou,MD, ECNU 02/23/2017 New York NY USA
Jeffrey Zigman,MD, PhD, ECNU 06/25/2015 Dallas TX USA
Alexander Zwart,MD, FACP, ECNU 12/05/2011 Tucson AZ USA
03/11/2013 Columbia MD USA
02/27/2010 Jefferson City MO USA
12/28/2013 Williamsburg VA USA
08/03/2009 Miami FL USA
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