Recent FDA approval of thyroid RF has made it possible for endocrinologists in the USA to finally treat their own patients after obtaining training. I have 5 years experience working with these systems and have trained many endocrinologists in my practice. In 2019 I began a preliminary study of 12 patients with negative biopsies to see the feasibility of doing thyroid RF in my ultrasound room in my office without going to imaging centers or the hospital. The fee for office based RF is 3-6 times less expensive. RF system by RF Medical Korea was used in all cases. The results are promising. Skin and thyroid capsule local injection was all that was needed for pain control. Vital signs were monitored by my roving nurse. The maximal watts used was 20-40. There were no major complications and only one bruise in the neck area. No vocal symptoms. All 12 tolerated the procedure and after 30 minutes observation left with only a small band aid over the injection site. Two flew out of state that night.Conclusion: A preliminary assessment of in office thyroid RF without general or conscious sedation by trained endocrinologists suggests larger study with 80-100 cases is the next step.

Training for endocrinologists can get you the right to buy a Thyroid RFA system. Two days of lectures, hands on workshop and final day observation of actual thyroid nodule ablations done by Dr.Guttler.

Course fees can be reimbursed if you buy a system.

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