Dr.Guttler in Pictures 2014

Dr.Guttler in Pictures 2014

Dr.Guttler in Pictures 2014


Thyroid cyst in the middle of her neck.

No symptoms but a cosmetic problem for the patient.


Visited Modena Italian Balsamic Vinegar production in an old castle. Aged for 100 years.img_1219

Radiofequency Ablation RFA training in Reggio Emilia.


Ultrasound with contrast show post RFA ablation one the benign nodule.


One day post RFA patient’s neck picture. Patient went to lunch and dinner with me right after. She felt great.


Master’s class in thyroid ablation with RFA on a turkey breast “nodule”.


Master’s class set up for Ultrasound, needle placement, eRose adequacy assessment and microscope with sample cases.



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