Thyroid Cystic Nodule 101: Where did it Go? There is no Scar

Thyroid Cystic Nodule 101: Where did it Go? There is no Scar

Thyroid Cystic Nodule 101: Where did it Go? There is no Scar

Case history:

52 Y/O female with enlarging nodule and symptoms of tightness and does not like the bulging of the nodule that seen by others.She was depressed about the looks of visible nodule.

Her depression increased when told she needed surgery.

No family history and all thyroid tests were normal. She did not take thyroid hormone. She was told by her primary, local endocrinologist and surgeon that surgery was the only answer. She did not want to have her thyroid even partially removed. She googled my website and set up a consultation.

PE; A large visible nodule on the left.

US TIRADS 2 15 ml cystic nodule on the left.

USGFNA was benign class II. DNA mutations and classifier were both negative.( Asurgen now Interpace ).

She returned for ethanol ablation therapy. 12 cc of cyst fluid removed and 7 cc 200 proof medical grade ethanol injected under US guidance in my outpatient office. After a few minutes the ethanol was removed. The killing effect of ethanol on the cyst lining cells is immediate. She had only slight pain on removal of the needle and needed no pain medication. After 30 minutes she left for her office. She returned for follow up in 2 months. She was very happy the nodule was not visible anymore. By 2015 the cyst was gone.

She was very happy with the results.

The image was before with the left cystic nodule.

Call me at 310-393-8860 or email to [email protected] for treatemtn of benign thyroid nodules without surgery.




  • michelle dadivas September 16, 2019 1:45 pm

    yes i have the same case pls i need some advice becoz my doctor said i need operation but i am afraid so what is the better i dont want operation 😭😭😭pls what is the best medicine of my thyroid cyst nodules pls i need your help doctor 😭😭😭😭thanks i am michelle dadivas 38yrs old from philippines.but now i am working company in riyadh saudi arabia.

    • Dr Guttler September 17, 2019 8:45 am

      The best treatment for cysts is not surgery.
      Call me for details on non-surgical therapy with Ethanol or radiofrequency ablation.
      31039308860 or secure email at [email protected].
      Come to see me for a 2 day visit to cure your cyst.

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