Thyroid Nodule 101: Patient Yelp Review of Massive Benign Thyroid Nodule Treated with Ethanol PEI and Radiofrequency RFA Ablation.

Thyroid Nodule 101: Patient Yelp Review of Massive Benign Thyroid Nodule Treated with Ethanol PEI and Radiofrequency RFA Ablation.

Thyroid Nodule 101: Patient Yelp Review of Massive Benign Thyroid Nodule Treated with Ethanol PEI and Radiofrequency RFA Ablation.

Dr.Guttler’s comments on this review of my treatment of an unusual patient with a massive goiter nodule.

  1. The size was a problem.Usual treatment for very large benign nodule is surgery.
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  3. Patient was against removal and did not want to have to take lifetime thyroid treatment.
  4. I developed a plan that was deployed in several stages.
  5. First after FNA and molecular marker testing confirm a very low chance of cancer, I used ethanol to ablate the fluid part of the nodule.
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  7. This caused her relief of her symptoms.
  8. Second after discussion with my contact in Korea a 2-3 step treatment plan was developed.
  9. She would need at least 2-3 RFA sessions.
  10. After 2 sessions the massive nodule was 90% ablated.
  11. She could have stopped there but she wanted the last 10% ablated.
  12. She has plans to return to Korea for the final ablation in 2019.
  13. The majority of benign thyroid nodules do not require 2-3 treatments.
  14. Cystic ones just need ethanol PEI in my center in Santa Monica.
  15. Solid ones just need RFA which at presen is not FDA approved in the USA.
  16. With my connections to experts in Europe and Korea I can arrange your visit and speed you through the paperwork with my evaluation.
  17. My patients usually spend overnight in Seoul or Italy just for the RFA treatment before they return to the USA.
  18. Call me at 310-393-9960 or email to [email protected] for details.
New Yelp review for Guttler Richard B MD


5 star rating 11/13/2018


I made the best decision I could have ever made when I chose to see Dr. Richard Guttler! Dr Guttler took the time to help me to have a minimally invasive alternative to total a thyroidectomy.

Dr Guttler walked me through my options in a very academic and supportive way.

He listened to my concerns and studied my case thoroughly to help me to make a great decision for my best chance to achieve resolution of my symptoms and to address my cosmetic concerns.

My case is complicated in that I had a very large thyroid nodule on one side. Biopsy and molecular markers were negative.

Dr Guttler removed fluid from my thyroid which temporarily resolved my compression symptoms. This was followed by an ethanol ablation PE which he used to help keep the fluid from re-accumulating in preparation for a long term solution called Radiofrequency ablation (RFA.)

Dr. Guttler referred me to an expert physician in Korea.

Guttler was instrumental in coordinating all aspects of my referral making sure I was prepared to have an excellent and successful clinical experience.

His staff was responsive making sure all of my referral paperwork, FMLA forms etc were completed in a timely manner .

He was able to have my time in Korea shorten to 2-3 days due to his pre-RFA evaluation which was accepted by his Korean counterpart in Seoul.

My first RFA was performed in May 2018 and completed my second RFA in September 201.

I am experiencing a steady disentegration of my large nodule and thyroid overall.

My third trip and likely final is planned for Spring of 2019.

Despite the travel, I have been so pleased with my progress! I would not trade the travel for a terminal full blown thyroidectomy and a lifetime of thyroid replacement medication and possible complications over a 40 min to 1 hour RFA outpatient procedure.

There is no way I could have accomplished this level of improvement without Dr Guttler’s expertise and care.

Dr Guttler is an amazing doctor and you will be so fortunate to have the opportunity for him to review your case and make a recommendation for you.

A For me, it has been a very positive life changing experience that I cherish every time I look in the mirror and see how much better I look and realize how much better I feel.

Thanks for all that you do Dr Guttler, you are credit to our profession!

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