What to Know About Parathyroid Cysts

What to Know About Parathyroid Cysts

What to Know About Parathyroid Cysts

What You Need to Know About Parathyroid Cysts

Rosenberg et al  Am J.Surgery 143(4)$/62 473-80

Fourteen new cases of parathyroid cyst are presented. Two distinct groups were identified: functioning and nonfunctioning. Patients with functioning cysts presented with hypercalcemia, tended to be men and were older. Patients with nonfunctioning cysts were all women, had normocalcemia and all presented with neck masses. Ultrasonography proved useful while radionuclide thyroid scans were often misleading. In the functioning group removal of parathyroid cysts resulted in postoperative normocalcemia in all cases. In the nonfunctioning cysts thyroid lobectomy was performed in five of six instances. Parathyroid cysts usually contain clear or serous fluid and are surrounded by a well-delineated plane of dissection. We believe that preoperative aspiration of cystic neck masses and consideration of the diagnosis of parathyroid cysts may avoid needless thyroid lobectomy.

Comments: This 1982 article was right on about unnecessary thyrois surgery for parathyroid cysts that are not producing high calcium, and hyperparathyroidism.In 2017 a needle washout for Parathyroid hormone PTH and thyroglobiulin TG can diagnose the case and then if the fluid returns ,which it usually does ethanol ablation instead of a lobectomy is the treatment of choice.

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